Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Someone loves to fish!

Mike is in his element on the lake. He absolutely loves to bass fish. Unfortunately he doesn't get enought time to go.
Here are a few of his captives.....of course he releases them after he gets their photo.


Recent Pal Gifts

My GWCA Pal sent us the sweetest things for March. My pal sent us PJ's for Wendy with a ladybug theme on them, Mylie a little outfit with ladybugs and a little stuffed pig. She sent me my favorite Hot Tamales(some of my favorite candy), and Celtic music; which is so soothing to listen to.

Adventures in Lubbock......

We went to Lubbock the weekend before Easter and visited Holly. We sure do like Lubbock! Holly took us to see the Ranch Heritage Museum and it reminded me of the one they have in Dallas. This one is much larger I think and less crowded. Wendy had a wonderful time picking up Pecans that were on the ground and Mike cracked them and she ate them. Wendy also enjoyed chasing the Jack Rabbits; boy were they ever the largest rabbits I've ever seen. Compared to the cotton tail we saw the next day at their children's park.....along side with Prairie Dogs at the children's park.
We also went to the nicest Drive~In Movie Theater ever!! We went to see Meet the Robinson's.
Enjoy the photos.


Some child like fun for all!!

Wendy just loves to teeter totter! She isn't the only one. I totally believe this is the best brand for private home use ever!! After all, take a look at how many it can hold without falling apart. Mike and I often go outside to play with Wendy and we will teeter totter quite abit.