Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A few cool things leading up to Fathers Day...

First of all we went with some friends to Wonderland Park for a Curious George event. We went with our friends Sally, Joely, and Camry, who we have known through our agency while waiting for Wendy and Camry in 04'. Anyway.... the girls had fun eating banana splits and getting their photo with George. I didn't take a photo of them with him since they were taking and giving them one each. I'll see if I can some how down load a photo of the photo they took. It was from an instant camera...
I did manage taking plenty of them riding the rides there at Wonderland. Wonderland is a "mini" Six Flags. It reminds me of the little rides that our Zoo in Ft. Worth had back in the 60's. I just love it and Wendy absolutely had a grand time there. She is ready to go again.

Next are some photos of Camry's Birthday Party in a park not far from our house. It was Wendy's first Birthday Party to go to since moving here. Camry had an ice cream party and they played with a Piniata. Wendy had never done this and had fun even though her aim wasn't that great.

Thirdly, we took Mike to the local Zoo and then off to Texas Road House. Holly and I were impressed that they had been busy with the Zoo since we were there in March after our move. They have added some nice things railings with overhead cover and some Water Misters and they are now planning a Reptile House!! We are planning on sending in a donation so we can feel a part of the progress there. I didn't get many photos of the animals this time, but I did get a cute photo of one of the three donkey's they have. Oh, and of Mike and the girls to mark the day.

Enjoy the many photos....


Wendy, Joely, and Camry

Love those Smiles!! The girls are in the center. You can click on the photo to get a better look.

Very Big Smiles on the Helicopter.

Sky Lift....

Three Ponytails on the Train....

The very pretty Merry-Go-Round, and Wendy with her pretty smile. Always love those!!

Wendy loved the boats. She rode it twice, once alone and then with the girls.

Camry's Birthday Party at the local Park. Back Row: Joely, and Carmen. Front Row: Camry, Wendy, and Talia. Talia, and Wendy will be in Kindergarten together.

Holly got her baby holding fix with Sophia who is Carmen and Talia's baby sister.

The Piniata... Whack it Wendy!!

The Donkey at the Zoo in mid yawn. He actually looks like he is laughing to me. Ha

Holly, Dad, and Wendy, on Fathers Day Morning.

At the Texas Roadhouse a Clown made an Ariel doll out of balloons for Wendy. We were very impressed!!