Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wow, Two in One Day!! Ballet /Tap Parent Watch Day.

Wendy had Parent Watch Day today at her Ballet/Tap Class. She keeps telling me not to come because it might embarrass her. I told her to picture me in my underwear and she laughed real hard. She actually did really well and I videoed it so the grandparents and big sisters could watch her.
They are already ordering Recital Costumes.... I'll keep it a secret for now, but I can tell you it pertains to a couple of things on these clips.

I hope you enjoy them.....

Also, there was the cutest little boy that wanted to dance with the girls and Ms. Lugene offered for him to join in. His name was Ryder and he almost stole the show.
I know one thing Ms. Lugene really enjoys these kids and has always asked others if they would like to participate with the girls.

Sorry, I got carried away. LOL.... The more I watched these the prouder I got. I noticed she really is following the teacher and there are only about 3 that are. I'm just a Proud Momma!!!

Corn Maze Field Trip

We had a contest where the moms and teachers all had to shuck corn. I had won, but had misunderstood that the shucks had to be completely off the end.....oh well.
Guess who out of the little kids won?

That's right..... WENDY!!! They had to shuck 2 ears to our 3 ears of corn and she had been watching my method of doing it. You see you have to hold the ones that you aren't doing in between your legs while shucking the first one. Wendy not only did 2 she did 3 and momma routing all the way for her! She did all three to everyone else's two.... how I know this? Count the ones on the ground in front of her. She won a Ring Pop! She was so excited and Piper her little friend won for her class!

Here they are riding in the Cow Train. Really cute idea made out of plastic barrels.

They had a big watering trough filled with loose corn seeds.... The children all got in and played in it like a sandbox. Wendy right before getting out laid down and started making a "corn angel". Ha.. I kid you not, this child came up with this on her own. Very funny and creative. You are talking about someone that hasn't seen snow except for on TV, but now that we are moved out here we will get to make one.

Just look at all of those lovely pumpkins! They had all kinds.... Blue Cinderella, Orange Pumpkins large and small, Ghost Pumpkins(white), Gourds of all kinds....
Wendy selected a real cute one, and the parents and teachers were allowed one also. Mine was white with orange stripes....then I saw this lovely Blue Pumpkin and asked how much it was and they told me $6.00...probably high, but hey how often do you get to do this?
We had a blast, but it was so muddy and slippery hence the bags over everyone's shoes. Not to mention the Maze itself was basically closed due to all of the MUD!

Here is Wendy with her find.

Here are three little piggies at their petting area.

This is Piper with Wendy.... They are just too darn cute together!

This is of Wendy Pondering About Her Day.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Big Bed For the Little Lady!

Some before and after shots....

The first photo is of us un-crating the large boxes of furniture.
The second one is of Mike taking down Wendy's toddler bed. (sorta sad to see it go)
The third and fourth are of Miss Wendy so proud to be on her new bed.
The fifth is of her dresser and to it's left is her new book didn't get in the picture to well.

We have saved up and have bought a little at a time now.... Her bedding was bought first off of E-bay for cheaper than what I could have gotten it through Pottery Barn, but the furniture was from the Pottery Barn site and was caught on sale! Wendy wanted something pink and we chose to get a day bed with a trundle so it wouldn't take up all of her floor space. We are still working on putting things into place so who knows if it will all remain in the same place...well, the bed will stay where it is for sure.

I'm just thrilled because she is wanting to finally sleep in her room. We'll see how this all plays out. At least there is enough space for me if needed. ha

Friday, October 17, 2008

A New Outfit for Wendy and a couple of other happenings...

Just a few ramblings.....

First of all I know it has been a while since I posted. I'm sorry for that, but not anything to really say I guess or maybe too much to say. ha

The first photo is of Wendy in her new outfit that her Ganny gave to her in a fun box that she sent for her. You can tell how much Ganny misses her! Wendy truly misses her as well as my parents and of course her big sister Lacy!
It is the little things that count to Wendy.....not whether or not it had expensive things inside, but lots of little things and the sweet thought of who sent it. Our mailman gets a kick out of seeing how excited Wendy gets when she sees a box coming to her.

This box had the cutest little outfit in it! She wore it to school the very next day. Thank you Ganny for all of the sweet surprises sent her way.

Second, Holly brought a new thing home for Ethel Mae our Black and Tan Dachshund. She found a costume for her, but it was just a touch too big; so Holly said it can be her new toy...funny Ethel thought that was what it was to begin with.ha
She was so funny with it we just had to take photos of her. I hope Lacy sees these.

Third, I couldn't leave out this adorable photo of Tallulah (black and white) and Luther (tan and white). It is just so hard to get a GREAT PHOTO, but this one was just that!

Lastly, This is Audrey Lacy's new baby, my new grandpuppy. She reminds us of Ethel Mae except for she is a little thicker in the chest and her muzzle is wider. I can't wait to meet her in person. I wonder what the other pups will think of Audrey?

That's about it for now....

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pumpkin Carving....

On Thursday Wendy went to school with her new shirt on and criss cross pig tails. These are the bottom photos. I love playing with her long hair.

Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch of sorts. We didn't buy one from them because the woman wasn't very nice. So, Holly and I went and picked one out at the Market. Later that evening Wendy and Holly chose a template and Holly carved it. Of course everyone knows that you have to take the pulp and seeds out before you can do this; so this was Wendy's job. She thought it was a gross feeling. We got tickled at her. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of that process. ha
She has learned on PBS Sid the Science Kid" about pumpkins when they are fresh and pumpkins as they decompose. Mike didn't realize that she knew the word, but boy she does and she knows how to use it correctly too. She is a very smart girl!

Oh by the way, I didn't realize how tired Wendy was until I downloaded these photos. The one of her and Holly was taken pretty late and she has this look on her face like she is just barely hanging in there. I do remember it wasn't long after the clean up she fell asleep. ha

Enjoy the photos....

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Are you Registered to Vote??

Tomorrow is the deadline to be registered to vote. This is a very important election and I am helping the only way I know how right now to get the word out on how to register.
Please whether you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent you need to go to this link to see how you can do this.
I hope all of my Texas family and friends are registered by now....if not follow the link.
You can either copy and paste this, or click on the Title above.

This is a very important election, and I hope everyone will participate for a Change.