Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wow, Two in One Day!! Ballet /Tap Parent Watch Day.

Wendy had Parent Watch Day today at her Ballet/Tap Class. She keeps telling me not to come because it might embarrass her. I told her to picture me in my underwear and she laughed real hard. She actually did really well and I videoed it so the grandparents and big sisters could watch her.
They are already ordering Recital Costumes.... I'll keep it a secret for now, but I can tell you it pertains to a couple of things on these clips.

I hope you enjoy them.....

Also, there was the cutest little boy that wanted to dance with the girls and Ms. Lugene offered for him to join in. His name was Ryder and he almost stole the show.
I know one thing Ms. Lugene really enjoys these kids and has always asked others if they would like to participate with the girls.

Sorry, I got carried away. LOL.... The more I watched these the prouder I got. I noticed she really is following the teacher and there are only about 3 that are. I'm just a Proud Momma!!!

video video video video


Vivian M said...

Aw she looks adorable in her outfit!

Debz said...

She is so darn cute!
Ryder sounds like a real charmer ;O)

I was checking out that website for backgrounds a while back. Kinda getting tired of my blog skin. I'll have to go check it out again.

Lesa said...

I'm still trying to upload the video. It is taking forever!! I will have several snip-its and they are all cute! I also have a few more still shots of my girl I'm going to load as well.

FHL said...

Bravo Wendy!!!

She is REALLY good! The last one with the nutcracker music was my cute!

Anonymous said...

Wendy is such a good dancer. We'll have to get her and Brooke together so they can put on a show for us!!


Kristy said...

I love these pictures, she is so darn cute!!!

Lesa thank you for your kind words on my blog and about my sister, and I totally believe and agree with what you say about the younger set, BUT she is probably older than you, she is 45!!!! We are a very close family but she drives me crazy and I can only pray that a lesson has been learned.

Again I love the pictures , keep sharing!!

Love, Kristy

kelsey said...

too cute... jade and aurora LOVE their dance classes too! we've taken to checking out dance dvds from the library :).

Lynn said...

What a cute ballerina and tap dancer!

3peas1pod said...

Beautiful! Life doesn't get any better than that!

Sherry said...

Such a cutie. Brings back memories of my ballet days.