Wednesday, June 06, 2012

From Easter to Now....

Let's see..... Easter was so much fun. We had all 4 kids here! Evan has been really excited about holidays this go around. Christmas was proof of that. He has been so dang cute. I keep forgetting he is nearly 6 since he hasn't done near as many things as Wendy has in the 7 1/2 years we have had her versus the 2 1/2 years we have had him. It is like having a 2 1/2 year old who is in real life a 5 1/2 year old boy... Does any of that make since? All of his firsts have been delayed for 3 years. I can't even imagine beginning with a child who is even older.... Any way~ They had a blast hunting for eggs and seeing all that the bunny had left for them. Evan graduated from Pre-K two weeks ago and was so excited because he will be in Kindergarten at Wendy's school this fall!!! Bless his heart he really thought that he would go right into Kindergarten the day after graduating. I had to explain that Wendy's school would soon be out for the summer and then they both will begin in August together. He was down trodden a bit. :) Wendy was on the "A" honor roll again this year!! We are so proud of her! She ranked 3rd in her 2nd grade class in Math! I just can't believe she is now a 3rd grader!! Time is getting away from me. It stays so busy sometimes way too busy. :D She and Evan just finished dance recital last week. I just love being able to watch them! Wendy has become a beautiful little ballerina. Evan is just a charmer! He is the only little boy in dance classes here, but the girls just love him! One even gave him a lipstick print on the back of his shirt before going on stage. When I found this as he was changing into his play clothes I about died over the cuteness. It was so dang precious! First swim lessons were on Monday. The water was very cold, but Wendy pushed through it and had a great class. They put her in level 3 this summer instead of level 2. She learned how to float on her back and the jellyfish float (?) not sure what that was, and they even jumped off the diving board many times. I was very impressed!! Evan on the other hand was moved up to level 2 when he really needed to be in 1 still. He didn't want to put his face in the water or blow bubbles. Hopefully he will do this next class. As for me... I'm enjoying not having to get them up for school! Easter Lacy in Rumors ALT Rumors School Play Mothers Day Evan's Graduation Wendy's Awards Wendy's friends Casanova Evan

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Oh nooooo.... Blogger has change it's format on me! Now to figure out their new system. Once I do I will add what has been happening over the past few months.