Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve 2008

It won't be long now until we ring the new year in and it will be January 1st, 2009. I do hope I don't write it wrong on the next check or letter I have to send out. Sometimes I start off just right and then revert back to the old year months later.

I want to wish all of my China Sisters, Close Family Friends and Family a Very Happy, Prosperous, and Healthy NEW YEAR!!

I hope and pray that this will be the year we celebrate receiving our daughter, and sister Mylie. It has been a long time coming and the anticipation is still just as strong as it was the day we sent of the paper work. I pray that China will see it in there hearts to speed things up since there are many children who need their loving mommies and daddy's to love and spoil them. Not to mention all of the mommies and daddy's who need their love in return. It is time for that speed up, but no one knows for sure whether there will be one soon or not.

To all of my sweet friends who will soon be traveling to meet their baby Daughters and Son; I pray that your TA's will soon come in and that you will be with them before too long.

To all of us that are still waiting I pray that our time will move swiftly and our patients will continue, because I know that the wait will be worth it in the end. I know first hand with having Wendy! I will say that the wait is still very, very hard just the same though. Wendy wants her baby sister so much.

Safe travels to all who will be out bringing the New Year in.