Friday, June 27, 2008

28 years ago.....and They Lived Happily Ever After

Once Upon A Time.....

There was a girl who was very much in love with a young man with dark curly hair. They were both very young and no one thought it would last past 5 years some said less.
They had known each other for 3 years and were so much in love. The young man left for Medical School while the girl stayed behind to finish up High School. It was pure misery!! They talked one weekends when the rates were cheaper, but weren't that cheap.
They wrote each other constantly. Every Holiday was spent together going back and forth to each others parents homes, and trying to steal away some time on their own.
The girl tried so hard to keep herself busy with her own school work and also by planning all of the wedding. The girl made every flower that was to be carried or worn, and her parents took lessons from Wilton so that they could make the wedding cake.
The day came for the girl to graduate from High School and many attended. She was so thrilled that this meant it wasn't long until her Wedding Day.
June rolled around and plans were being completed. The two families were highly busy building platforms,renting cages for doves (the young mans mother raised them) and putting rice in cut fabric. The week of the wedding the girls parents were busy baking and freezing cakes for the day before they would put it all together for the big day.

This was Twenty Eight Years ago today. It just so happens that it has landed on a Friday just as it was 28 years ago.

Happy Anniversary My Love.... I will always love you!!