Sunday, November 29, 2009

5 years ago and 5 weeks ago as well....

This is our 5th Gotcha Day Anniversary with Wendy. I can't believe we have had her for 5 whole years today!!! The time has flown and yet it seems just like yesterday that she was placed in my arms. Her Gotcha Day was so different back then. So much of a treasure to remember.
Wendy, we love you and are so proud of the little lady you have become. I can't wait to see what happens in the years to come!

This is also our 5th week Gotcha Day Anniversary with Evan. It is also hard to believe that we got this precious 3 year old 5 weeks ago. In this short time many things have happened in his little life. Losses and Gains have been many for this little guy. Luckily the gains have far out weighed the losses. I can't wait to see what is in store for you as you grow.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Finally an Update..... a bit long sorry

WOW!!!!! In one word let me describe how things have been "Whirlwind". I would have never thought or dreamed that something could go so crazy once we arrived home.

We arrived on US soil on the 6th of November at LAX in California. The air was so much more clear there than in China even. LOL We got all of our luggage and headed toward our gate to recheck them on to Amarillo. We hugged our dear friends and travel mates,Rich, Jen, and Mia, goodbye and vowed to stay in touch. Wendy really loved Jen! They had a connection right off.

After our goodbyes we lugged our carry-ons to our gate and found an On the Boarder and practically ran for it! LOL Margarita here we came and Tex Mex!! They didn't have Mexican Food in China!!! We found Italian, and German food, and Subway on Shamian Island, but no Mexican food. Can you imagine the business that they could get if they had one on the Island?

We called my Mom and Dad and Mikes Mother and Lacy while sitting and enjoying our meal. Lacy was so happy she was talking to Evan for the first time and he was truly interacting with her. Then Evan stayed on the phone with my parents for a very long time. My dad thoroughly enjoyed talking to him and Evan was saying Mamaw and Papaw constantly.

Our flight was leaving at midnight so we had plenty of time to talk and walk around. We were on a high being back in the USA, HOME!!! Hearing our loved ones voices was oh so comforting.

We arrived in Dallas at 5:58 am and grabbed a bite at McDonalds and a Cereal Bar there. We headed on to our next gate and I sat in a message chair. That was so nice. We all brushed our teeth and changed clothes for the kids. When we came back out Mike ran into his boss who was coming in from Washington and was about to catch the same flight as we were. Mike introduced him to Mr. Welch and Evan gave him a kiss on the cheek. What a sweet boy.
We then got on a propeller plane and we were asked to set back of the wings so the plane would be ballast. LOL Arrived home and landed very smoothly at 9:00 am. We were met by two of our dear families here. Boy was that a nice feeling seeing familiar faces. Thank you to David, and his family along with the Ng family.

We were so tired, but pumped just the same. We got home and there was Mike's mother and Lacy waiting for us to come on in. Oh how wonderful to be home. Evan explored the whole thing in a matter of minutes.

All of us were trying so hard to stay busy so we wouldn't fall asleep standing up. You know it is just a awful feeling. We would be in mid sentence to Mike's mother and we would slur and kinda doze off. I hate Jet Lag!!!!! I hate it with a purple passion!!!! I was so unable to do anything that day. I had wanted to call my parents and tell them we actually arrived in Amahome and just couldn't muster up the energy to do so.
We tried so hard to stay awake..... We pulled out the couch bed so we could lay both kids down since they had passed out on the floor. ha

That night late we received a phone call..... Mind you we couldn't hear it cause we had passed out. My MIL came to our bedroom and said that my brother was on the phone and needed to talk to us. Mike took the phone call, and I so tried to block it out and remain asleep. You see, calls at 2:00 am in the morning usually is bad news. Sure enough my brother told Mike that My Dad had passed away at 12:30 am November 8th 2009 with a heart attack. Mike turned to me while sitting in the bed and asked if I was awake. I set up and said yes...... Mike said that my dad had died. I just whaled, and cried and cried for such a long time and so hard and so loud. Wendy slept through it and so did Evan. Holly came in to our room and we held tight and cried more together.

I calmed down enough to talk to my mom and we just consoled each other over the phone.

Once off of the phone I went to tell Lacy out in the playhouse; she had just gotten to sleep and then here I come with this news. We cried together and ended up staying up until 6:00 am November 8th.
Lacy and Mike's mother were suppose to leave early that morning to head back to Ft. Worth, but because of the lack of sleep they didn't leave until 4:00 pm that evening.

My head was spinning, literally, I started having vertigo and felt sick to my stomach. Before they left I finally had to throw up. Once I did the room slowed down. Too much stress.... Sorry if it is TMI.

The funeral was set for Thursday the 12 of November. We left on Wednesday and drove for several... hours.... say 7 hours.
It was so good to see my mom and to give her love and hugs in person.
The visitation was that evening and we had only been there an hour. We got dressed ate and off we went again. It was so hard seeing my dad lay there like that. I could hear his laugh and his voice in my head. He had the best ole laugh ever!! It is something we all will miss.
The funeral was the next day at 2:00 pm. Evan and Wendy were dressed up very nice and debonair in their black velvet outfits. Evan has new Scooby Crocs and wouldnt' wear his dress shoes to the luncheon. Finally on the way to the funeral I asked him to "please" wear his dress shoes for Papaw. His reply was "Suxin's Papaw all gone". My mom and I looked at each other and were so stunned how well he was understanding things. He did finally allow Holly to put on his new shoes.

The funeral was so beautiful and meaningful. My girls were wonderful. They told of their memories of their Papaw and Holly mentioned how hard it will be on Wendy and that it is so sad that Evan would never know such a wonderful Papaw. While Holly was giving her message Evan followed her up there and stood by her being his usual cute self. It lightened the mood some and we were told at the start to let that young man do what he wants. He was new to the US and really didn't understand and if he ran circles around the coffin to let him do so. Well he wasn't that bad, but he did get up in front of everyone. lol It was so nice to have a little humor added.

I will add photos to show he is doing really well considering all that has gone on.

A HUGE Thank You to all of your well wishes and condolences through all of this. It has meant the world to me. God Bless You All!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wendy's 6 Today!!!

I truly can not believe that my baby is now 6 years old!!!! Hopefully we can get a Cake for her today. The cakes here in Guangzhou aren't as elaborate as they are in Nanchang. We will be eating Dim Sum tonight at a Cantonese place here on the island.

We went to the Pearl Market yesterday and for us it was a disappointment. We were told that the pearls were cheaper here for the good quality, but Mike and I found that when we were in Beijing they were much cheaper! Our last trip was much more successful on the pearl side.

Lacy, I'm sorry, but they didn't have anything like you were wanting. Your dad and Holly actually went down the hall to look for more pearls and found very nice strands of white pearls for so much less than what they were asking for at the place our guide took everyone. They bought 5 good quality pearl strands there. I hate being ripped off!!!!!!!!!

We also went to another shop that sold Lapis! Everyone who knows me knows how much I love the color blue!! We got a Lapis bangle for me and something for each of us girls there. Dad got him and Evan a Lapis turtle. VERY reasonable there!!

Before the market we went to the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. Five years ago Wendy got a blessing from a monk there and this time Evan and Wendy got a blessing along with all of us as a group. Not to mention photos.....

Red Couch photos today also....


Monday, November 02, 2009

TB test results

You can post that they TB test was Negative!! We are very happy about that.

Holly, has pink eye. lol She had to see the doctor as well yesterday. She is on the mend though. None of us can figure out how she got pink eye! At least it is being attended to.

We are going to the Pearl Market today and will also be going to the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. This is where Wendy and several others received a prayer blessing from one of the Buddhist Monks. Yes, we will allow the same for Evan. I will down load more photos soon... I promise.

Yesterday we went to the Botanical Gardens. Afterward we went to a Dumpling Restaurant. It was VERY good!! This is the best Evan has eaten, and the boy loves to eat. ha

While waiting on the bus everyone got a kiss from him all but Wendy. Veronica worked her magic and Wendy was able to give him a kiss and him in return. We have photos through one of the other families. I'll see if they can send those to me.

This morning the two of them woke up and were smiling at each other side by side in bed. So very cute to see.

We have been trying to do the bonding thing as a family so that is why we haven't been able to write as often as I would really like to.

Again as soon as I get some photos on the computer I'll get them off.