Monday, September 29, 2008

First Trip to the Tri-State Fair

Wendy in the center along with her classmates in front of the Bus.

Wendy got a great hug from the Llama.

This is Wendy with her close friend Piper. Aren't they CUTE!!

Wendy loved looking at all of the Pumpkins,Jellies, and other vegetables that were entered into the Fair competition.

Wendy loved this chicken a "Rhode Island Red". Just like Papaw has... Can you see the hen?

Wendy had her first Field Trip with a school ever and her first time to go to the Tri-State Fair in Amarillo.
We had a wonderful time at the fair, but most of all I had fun watching Wendy's reaction to her first school bus ride ever!
We were able to go to the petting zoo and to any exhibit that included animals. I do believe the Chickens were her favorite. She was able to pet a chicken like Papaw has at his place.

Enjoy the photos....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Grief!

I can't believe I totally forgot about our 27 LID Anniversary! Well I guess I had a good excuse since the ER threw me off! Sorry Mylie, I did think of you that day believe me. I always do each and everyday!!

Over the weekend we attended a Family Funeral for Mike's "Stepfather" and then that evening we attended my cousins daughters Wedding. Mike drove up to Ft. Worth Friday late afternoon and got there in 7 hours. I know he was really tired afterward from working that morning and then that long drive. It usually only takes us right at 6 hours to get there. I flew down on Saturday morning to attend the Funeral at 3:00 pm.

We then went and relaxed for a short while and then back up we went to Lacy's and then a nap for Mike and then off to the Wedding. It was a beautiful Wedding, but I left my camera in my overnight bag at Lacy's so I don't have any photos of it.

Holly and Wendy stayed home since we had to rearrange our travel arrangements. Wendy didn't need to go to a Funeral, but everyone missed the girls all the same and especially at the Wedding.

Nick took a Photo of me and Mike on his phone and we did the same for him and Lacy; so if I get those I will post those. We had a wonderful time on the dance floor even though the only one who knew how to really dance was Nick. ha!

I did tell Lacy before she and Holly get married we are all taking Dance lessons. I love getting out there, but really only know my moves. Ha!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Emergency Room?

Define Emergency..... Isn't it suppose to mean seen immediately? Not in the ER these days. Although I had a fairly okay experience considering I was the first one in there yesterday morning....
I have been having these light headed symptoms and the falling to the floor after getting out of bed or bumping into walls etc. Well yesterday morning I had that feeling plus nausea from the lightheaded feeling. I came in and checked my blood pressure with our gage and my blood pressure was a little low, but my heart rate was at 42! That evidently isn't good. Mike ran and got Wendy from her deep sleep and ran me to urgent care on the way I got "sick". Not fun~ Once there they were concerned about my heart rate and told me to go to the ER. On the way out they wished me luck. What??

Got to the ER and I was the only one checking in. That was good,but it always seems to take a long time just to get things going. I had a CAT Scan and an EKG plus all of this blood work they did. All of that turned out fine. Thank goodness. My prayers were answered. They seem to think I have an inner ear problem; so I'm to go to my doctor next week for a follow up. All of this took 5 1/2 hours. I was hungry, but still a little weird feeling. They gave me some medicine for my upset stomach and something for my light head feeling. It wasn't really vertigo I've had that before from some medicine I was prescribed years ago. That is an awful feeling within itself.

The good news is I feel much better now, but seem to have some cold symptoms now. Humm.

They did say that they have already had their first Flu Case come in; so Flu Shots are next!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moon Festival Weekend

We had a wonderful time on Saturday with our new group here. We all met at Lin's Grand Buffet and it was really pretty good. We had a really good turn out for it to have been spur of the moment planning on my part.
The first photo is of Pei our Chinese Teacher, Faith and Wendy. The second photo is of Wendy and Lily. The last photo is of the kiddos.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Stepping in for Grandparents Day at School

On Tuesday Morning I found and invitation for Grandparents Day in Wendy's take home folder. I read it and realized that they were to celebrate this on Thursday afternoon...which is today. Oh my...what to do....? Mike's mother and my parents are in Ft. Worth and we are clear up here in Amarillo. Well I decided that I would let Wendy ask her surrogate grandparents, who are our neighbors across the street from us, if they could come. We LOVE Pam and Melvin. They are the best neighbors anyone could ever have! They were the first to greet us when we moved in, and we have been close ever since.

Wendy adores both of them. Well Melvin was having to work just outside of town and couldn't, but Sweet Pam stepped in for Wendy. She is just a honey to come and be with Wendy on a day that she would have been without a Grandparent while everyone else had someone there.

I got this first photo of Wendy this morning before school and the second is of Pam with Wendy on Grandparents Day. The kids did a finger play of Grandma's Glasses. It was so cute. Wendy really concentrated hard while coloring her picture which she gave to Pam for her Refrigerator. She made something for Mamaw and Papaw to share and one for Ganny also. We will be sending these to them tomorrow.

Thank you Pam for stepping in for Wendy. She loves you!!!


Oh, why is Wendy wearing long sleeves? Well, it was 50* this morning!! Then it warmed up to 79*. Yesterday it stayed in the low 60's! It felt great!!