Friday, September 19, 2008

Emergency Room?

Define Emergency..... Isn't it suppose to mean seen immediately? Not in the ER these days. Although I had a fairly okay experience considering I was the first one in there yesterday morning....
I have been having these light headed symptoms and the falling to the floor after getting out of bed or bumping into walls etc. Well yesterday morning I had that feeling plus nausea from the lightheaded feeling. I came in and checked my blood pressure with our gage and my blood pressure was a little low, but my heart rate was at 42! That evidently isn't good. Mike ran and got Wendy from her deep sleep and ran me to urgent care on the way I got "sick". Not fun~ Once there they were concerned about my heart rate and told me to go to the ER. On the way out they wished me luck. What??

Got to the ER and I was the only one checking in. That was good,but it always seems to take a long time just to get things going. I had a CAT Scan and an EKG plus all of this blood work they did. All of that turned out fine. Thank goodness. My prayers were answered. They seem to think I have an inner ear problem; so I'm to go to my doctor next week for a follow up. All of this took 5 1/2 hours. I was hungry, but still a little weird feeling. They gave me some medicine for my upset stomach and something for my light head feeling. It wasn't really vertigo I've had that before from some medicine I was prescribed years ago. That is an awful feeling within itself.

The good news is I feel much better now, but seem to have some cold symptoms now. Humm.

They did say that they have already had their first Flu Case come in; so Flu Shots are next!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Sherry said...

Sorry Lesa to hear about your hospital/emergency room adventure. Hope you're feeling better soon. REST and stay in bed!!!!! I'm hoping it's just the flu or something else that you'll get rid of quickly.

Leigh said...

ER's are scary! I drove myself one night (Greg rushed over to watch Katey) when I had an alergic reaction and my throat was swelling up. They did get me in immediately (opposed to me crashing onto their waiting room floor) but then I had to stay 2 hours for observation to make sure all the stuff they had pumped into me had "taken." I'm sorry you had to go through that! It's extra scary when you have no idea what is wrong. Glad you are feeling better.....we need to do the flu shots too!

Shandra said...

Oh, Glad to hear you are better. I hope they have it all figured out and you stay out of the ER.

Susan said...

Hi Lesa! Glad you're feeling better. I had the same thing happen to me a couple years ago. I got out of bed and the whole room turned upside down. I fell to the floor and could only think of my dad who has MS. My worries were for nothing, and it was an inner ear thing. It took about a month to get over, but all was well after trying several things. Medicine, blowing my nose while it was held shut, and finally a chiropractic adjustment. That cleared it, but it may have been on it's way out then. Get better soon, take care and don't bump your head!


Sue said...


Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Lesa said...

After flying over the weekend I had another bout with my ears due to the cabin pressure. I guess I need to go on to the ENT to see what's up just in case.

Thank you to the ones who have responded. I have to admit it was kinda scary especially when they thought it was my heart. Yikes!

Jeanette said...

Wow, so sorry to hear you were sick and in the ER. Not fun! I'm glad you are doing better now!

FHL said...

OK, I'm glad I read your later post first (about dancing at the wedding) and knew you must be alright, but oh what a rough day that had to be. I am so glad that it wasn't something too serious!

Flu Season? Is it really that time already again??? Days have been passing like seconds and months like days.....hmmmm....maybe at this rate we truly only have minutes before we get to head to China :o)