Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Pilgrimage to Disney World....

This is the first of many posts of our Disney World Trip we took over the Halloween week/end. This is one reason I was out of pocket for a while. I actually thought I would be able to post while we were there, but the internet connection was not cooperating not to mention the Disney Magic of $10.00 dollars a day to connect to the internet!! So, we decided that we would just play with it once we got home. This is our day with our travel buddies from Wendy's adoption trip. Wendy and Katey shared the same Nanny and played together the first year of their little lives. We will always remain in contact with them!!
As a matter of fact, as we predicted, Wendy cried when we had to leave them. It was very touching....she really loves Miss Katey!!
We had one of the best days EVER!! The crowds were very low and we didn't wait in long lines at all. Not to mention the weather was superb!!!

Love and Miss you three!!