Thursday, October 15, 2009

I can't believe it! 6 more days!!!!!!

Oh My Stars.....

We are having insomnia in our house. I couldn't sleep past 3:00 am and then Wendy called for me several times. I went to check on her and then I really couldn't sleep. Mike said he only got 4 hours of sleep. Funny I heard snoring going on. ha I do believe he can't sleep any better than me.

Wendy woke up doing the count down to when Ganny comes to watch the house and the puppies. She will be here on Saturday. Hopefully we can get the rest of our things done with her playing with Wendy.

You see, Evan has lived in such a sterile atmosphere than we keep ours and we really need to clean before we leave. The floors in his foster home are so shiny and spotless. Poor thing he really won't know what to think around here. ha Especially with all the toys that Wendy love to leave laying around like all kids do.

Let the count down begin!! Bags are practically packed. Last minutes are being made. Maybe one last post before we go..... or two. hehe

Oh, we are in contact now with several of our travel mates. It will be good getting to know new friends.

One thing I will terribly miss is being able to be with my China Sisters as we had hoped and planned for years. Many of us have jumped the line, but we still have 3 of us that are still waiting. I will be thinking of all of you this trip. My June 06' China Sisters, I LOVE you ALL!!