Sunday, March 01, 2009

Fun and Adventure.....

Lacy and I had a lot of fun keeping Wendy busy for a few days while Mike was on business of his own. We took her to the Ft. Worth Zoo and got to see their new Penguin exhibit. It is really nice. They are also adding the new reptile house and have been working on it since we have moved. Progress takes time at a Zoo I guess. The Zoo in general hasn't changed, but Wendy and I have missed it very much.
For lunch we went to Panera Bread and boy did we have fun doing this. We have good places to eat but we have missed this just the same. Funny it had undergone some renovation changes as well, but for the best since they had needed more seating.
Mike Wendy and I had gone to Macaroni Grill the evening before and were upset that they had renovated it also, but to add more seating took away the ambiance. That was sad to see.
We also hit our favorite Thai Place "Bangkok Thai House". We were greeted by the owners there. Wendy knows her as Grandma; so we all call her grandma. It was so nice seeing them once again. She remembered every dish we truly loved of hers.

We had a wonderful visit with my parents and were able to see Mike's mother before we left.

This day Lacy and I took Wendy to the American Girl Doll Store in Dallas. We had lunch there and treated her to a few treats from the Bitty Twin Collection. Wendy really was in awe of this store, and hopes to have her Birthday there someday. I say I will need a few years to save up for that. HA
Since we don't have one here we would have to go there which would mean road trip for some of her friends. Not sure how many of the little girls she could get to come at that rate.

Wendy was totally pooped!!

This is Wendy with her cousin Brooke. Aren't they cute! Can you believe that Wendy is 5 and Brooke is 3 years old?! Isn't that something?