Sunday, August 12, 2007

I cebrated my 45 July 24th......

I am just now getting my photos on from my birthday. I ended up having a wonderful day. I was a little down about turning 45 since I was pretty sure I would have Mylie before I actually turned 45, but I ended up being 45 before she got here. I really hope and pray we get her before my 46th birthday.
All in all I had a wonderful birthday just the same. Holly and Wendy took me to Six Flags early and we rode a few rides and then headed back around lunch time to meet Lacy at Rice and Noodle a new Thai place Mike found. After having a really nice lunch with all three of my daughters we went to the mall and I got my ears double pierced. Holly treated me to this. I have wanted to be able to wear two earrings for a while now. My new studs are Rubies since I had it done on my birthday. At home later we had nice dinner and Holly had made me a Ladybug Birthday Cake. It was so cute and very creative we almost hated to cut into it.
I got tons of cards from my new buddies which I have made through our Agency while waiting for Mylie. They are some really wonderful ladies and I'm proud to call them friends. Sherry, I love the card and I didn't want you to think I left you out purposely. I had already taken the photo of all of the stuff before I got it. It is very cute with a button for a ladybug on it. I want to thank all of them for making my day a bright one.
My "Secret Pal",Susan, is one of these ladies and she sent me some of my favorite wine "Ladybug Wine", and some of the prettiest earrings I've seen. As you can see in one of the photos above; Wendy and I are dancing to the card she sent it plays "I'm Walking on Sunshine". Just the way I felt that day.
My family gave me some wonderful gifts as well. I truly had a wonderful day.