Monday, October 26, 2009

Gotcha Day pictures!!!!

Things are going smooth now. Evan is starting to be sweet to Wendy now. We had some close calls with him biting her twice on each arm. Today at the Civil Affairs Office he was playing with the backpack we gave him and the dinos also....Wendy was going to play with him and he grabbed all of the dinos and yelled at her then with his mouth opened attempted to bite again. Oh my word!! Holly and I caught it before he did anything. That is all we needed at the CAO! Veronica helped talk with him and this evening he is beginning to say Wendy's name more and share cookies. YAY!! We went to the local market tonight and had fun buying little things. First family outing together. Tangerines are delicious here. The City of Nanchang is okay. It is a poorer area than we have been before. The people are very friendly. They are very curious about us and our boy! Lots of looks and talking behind our backs....well in front of us, but in Chinese. lolI'll try to send maybe one or two photos at a time and see if that helps.