Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bittersweet Anniversary # 29

Today we are on our 29th LID Anniversary! Why is it Bittersweet this time in general? Well several of my travel buddies have gotten their referrals through the SN list and will soon be traveling to see their sweet babies faces. One of our sisters travels today on our LID Anniversary, and I'm truly happy for her. I know many would think I'm just Bitter in general, but I'm truly not. I am and will always be happy for my June 06' Sisters. I know by looking at their daughters faces that they truly belong to one another.
You see I have often felt just plain guilty for having my Wendy while others have never been a Mother at all. For that matter guilty for having two bio daughters on top of that.
My problem is that I am in this long wait, and that it isn't any easier since my youngest daughter Wendy continually asks me when we will be getting her baby sister. It doesn't ease when Wendy tells me all the things that she wants to play with her and that she wants to help feed and change her, and ease her fears and pain as I did hers. She truly thinks about these things... she is a BRIGHT child!!
We just keep our dreams in place and hope that very soon things will turn around and speed up. I pray that we won't be waiting on into 2010 or 2011, but be able to have our sweet and precious child by fall of 09'. It will happen and we will all be happy once it, I will be OVERJOYED! Mike and I will be much older than we planned, but certainly all the more wiser.
Hey, all of those clothes may come back into style by then. The clothes we bought and received for Mylie. ha

Happy 29th to all of my remaining waiting sisters.... And to all that are waiting for their PA's I pray they speed up for you so those darlings aren't waiting too long for their mommies and daddies to come.