Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A HAPPY 23 ANNIVERSARY a day late!

Well we might as well be happy huh? It is getting closer now. The way I look at it now the worse case scenario would be around February 09' for Referrals, but my intuition is still pining out DECEMBER. If it is February it will be a 32 month wait for our group. If it is December it will be a 30 month wait and only 7 more months to wait. Hey that isn't bad since look how long we have hung in there!

Oh here is a funny....) I just said "Happy Anniversary" to Mike and his reply.... "OH GOD"... I quickly said it is our 23 month anniversary for Mylie.... He then replied "Don't ever do that to me again!" I just had to crack up!!

Anyway... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to all of my June 19ther's who are still hanging in there with me.