Thursday, July 03, 2008

We have baby birds!!

You have to click on the photos to get a "Birds Eye View". These are Barn Swifts and we were advised by our neighbor to knock the nest down when they started building it. We didn't have the heart to do that! Besides we are able to watch everything they do from our entry way. Yes, there is bird poop on the porch, but that can be sprayed off. These babies are actually a week old now and are growing feathers. They still have baby fuzz on their little heads. They are so cute. Every time we head out the door Momma comes flying around to make sure that they are okay. Feeding time is fun to watch. The babies have gotten where they sit up more and if we open the door the pop back down to hide. TOO CUTE!!
Enjoy the photos...remember to click on them to get a better look.