Friday, January 29, 2010

Well we wanted SNOW....

but not this much. lol We have been totally snowed in yesterday and today. The kids are so bored and I have been trying so hard to keep them entertained. We have played blocks, Airport, Bristle Blocks, Dress Up, Nintendo Mario Kart, and a movie....oh, and some art work.
Evan even helped sweep and do laundry. Wendy chose to help with the dishes two days in a row. She is pretty good at it to.
The dogs haven't been able to go out to do their jobs at all. We have a huge drift of snow right at our back door and if they even got up on it they would likely sink in. Imagine two Chihuahua's and one Dachshund sinking down in three feet of snow. The drift that was the tallest on the back porch was near and over the BBQ grill and that was 4 1/2 feet.
Mike barely made it home after work yesterday. He was driving my Camry and had to be pushed some of the way. Once he got home he parked on the street curb. This morning he got a coworker to come by and pick him up in their in his four wheel drive truck.

I will post some of the snow photos tomorrow since I have two sleeping children to get off to bed.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free 8X10 on Canvas !!!

Here is what you do. Click on the link and download a photo of your choice. The 8X10 is free!!!
If you are like us though you will go for a larger one for a small cost due to the fact that you just can't beat it.
I am having one of us in China done. I thought that many of you could benefit from this since many of you have small children like us.
Here it is once more or click on the title above....

Today would have been.....

My dad's 79th birthday. I know my mom is missing him today as she is everyday and especially on Sundays. She has told me it is so very hard for her on the weekends but especially on Sundays.

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven. We sure miss you.

Today is my half a birthday and my dad and I always had a cake together. As I got older and married we celebrated my mom's birthday (Jan.5) and then Mike's (Jan. 22) and my dad's (Jan. 24). We miss doing this, but we have the wonderful memories of it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetie....

Mike's 53 years young today! Man, where has the time gone??? He and I had a pact that we would never get old. lol Thus, we have adopted to stay young. hehe....
Poor thing woke up very sick today and has caught exactly what Wendy and Evan have had...a really bad viral cold with terrible cough. Thank you kids from school!!
I'm sure that is one present Mike would rather not have. lol

Anyway.... I love you, Mike!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday to you.

While I write this Evan is watching "Cars" and dancing along with the starting music. He is so dang cute!!!!! Gotta love him, and we do.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Photo Catch up upon request

Evan and Wendy on Christmas Morning...... Holly's new puppy Gertie or also know as
Gertrude Eloise the little white terrier/King Charles spaniel mix.

Santa brought Evan a Lionel Super Chief!!!

Audrey Louise,
Lacy's puppy, wasn't thrilled with the little red hat. LOL

These were the presents that my dad chose for Evan before he passed away; a set of cars and Tigger. He purchased them the day we talked to him on Skype while we were in China. You could just tell my dad was so excited to have a new Grandson! We missed him this holiday season. I do know my dad was looking down and enjoying Evan getting his presents.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hi Everyone...

I am so behind.... I really am trying.
Let me first tell everyone that I'm changing the way you can leave a message. Don't be discouraged to comment on the posts. I have made it to where I can check them first and you have a word verification to add your message.
You see I have had a spammer put some Viagra adds and now one about Online Poker!!! I managed to erase the Viagra adds, but the Poker add I can't trash cause somehow they breached the system and the trashcan isn't below the add to where I can get rid of it!! Any advice on how to get it off? The only way I know to keep them from doing this is to protect my blog the only way I can without making it private.
If it comes down to me making it private I will let you know by putting a message on here. I need to change the address to it since the old one is still the Journey to Mylie Camille. Again that may take away some of my people since they are like family members and long distant friends who may not find out the new address.
If any of you have had this problem in the past please let me know what you did to get it fixed.