Friday, October 23, 2009

We made it!!!!

Ni hao Sherry!! And to everyone that is watching here.

We made it in yesterday on the 23rd, which is a day ahead of you guys, at 7 am their time. Our luggage miraculously appeared on the carousel, and we proceeded to transfer them on to Beijing. We waited just a bit and met another family from GW who were heading home. Off we finally got on the dang plane for the 4th time and then waited another 45 minutes!!! In amongst many Chinese "HAPPY" older people on a tour. ha They were terribly loud on the plane and if we could have moved we would have. hehe. We happened to have coughers all around us!
When we landed we were whisked away to New Hope Foundation!! Mind you with a driver that spoke no English accept for hello,thank you, and good bye. ha We finally got to the Foster Home and it really didn't take the hour that they had said. What a lovely place and a super warm greeting. Super Clean!!! Oh, how loving they are to the children!! I wanted to bring them all home. Dang they were cute! If I could have I would have brought home one of Evans little friends that smiles like Wendy's friend Camry!! He really teared up buy still had that smile on his face as we were about to leave. M&M's worked like a charm!! Needless to say I cried.....)

They said our Evan was just precious and gave us his medicine extra from what they sent for him along with his files and photos they hadn't removed yet. Mona said that he waived by to everyone and said cheerfully "I'm going to get my Momma, and Baba, BYE" and then waived big with a smile ready for the car to take off. Of course all of the Nannies and staff cried, they all loved him (LOVE HIM)!!!

Today is our tour with all of our families and then tomorrow morning we are fling out for Nanchang and to get our SON!!!! Until then.

Sherry, I will try to attach photos later this evening!! Good night to everyone from Beijing.

Lacy, we miss you!!!


Note from Sherry -- When I add the pictures I'll add them in a separate post and change the time so that they are below the post. This makes the loading and aligning so much faster. That way you all get the update quicker.

Nothing yet from China

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm checking my email at least every 30 minutes from 8am - 1am and still haven't got an email from Lesa. It's almost 1am on Saturday in China so I doubt I'll be getting an email for a while.

Just wanted everyone to know what's going on -- or not going on.