Friday, June 13, 2008

Crown in and now Resting.....

Wendy once again hit the Dentist Chair for her second Crown for her lower left molar this time. Only one more visit for her upper right molar and she is done. Hopefully for a very long time!!
No photos this time, but she did really well and insisted that I go on to the Family Waiting Room; which is very comfy with leather seating and a flat screen TV. Not to mention a cup of coffee while you wait.
She was a trooper and did well. She chose a stuffed floppy eared puppy to go with her elephant "Elmer". She is working on a name for her puppy, and I'm sure once Holly gets in for the weekend they will put their heads together and name her.
Right now she is sacked out on the couch. I had to give her Tylenol for her pain since they had given her Motrin earlier.
All will be fine once Holly and Daddy come in this evening. Daddy has been in Washington DC this week; so she misses him very much and I know the feelings are mutual from Daddy.