Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wendy's 6 Today!!!

I truly can not believe that my baby is now 6 years old!!!! Hopefully we can get a Cake for her today. The cakes here in Guangzhou aren't as elaborate as they are in Nanchang. We will be eating Dim Sum tonight at a Cantonese place here on the island.

We went to the Pearl Market yesterday and for us it was a disappointment. We were told that the pearls were cheaper here for the good quality, but Mike and I found that when we were in Beijing they were much cheaper! Our last trip was much more successful on the pearl side.

Lacy, I'm sorry, but they didn't have anything like you were wanting. Your dad and Holly actually went down the hall to look for more pearls and found very nice strands of white pearls for so much less than what they were asking for at the place our guide took everyone. They bought 5 good quality pearl strands there. I hate being ripped off!!!!!!!!!

We also went to another shop that sold Lapis! Everyone who knows me knows how much I love the color blue!! We got a Lapis bangle for me and something for each of us girls there. Dad got him and Evan a Lapis turtle. VERY reasonable there!!

Before the market we went to the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. Five years ago Wendy got a blessing from a monk there and this time Evan and Wendy got a blessing along with all of us as a group. Not to mention photos.....

Red Couch photos today also....