Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bicycle Built For Three..... And A Skate Board T'boot!!

Wendy finally got a new bike!!! She was so excited when Holly and I brought it home for her. Ganny contributed to Wendy's wish to have a "Big Girl Bike" of course with training wheels. Where the built for three comes in is we added her little basket and she is carrying two of her beloved friends, Sammie and Patch.
We went on a walk to our park just down the road which is part of the school playground. We have never had a park this close to our house before and we are LOVING IT!!
Anyway here are a few photos of Wendy riding her new bike.

Here are a few of Holly trying something a little new to her. She has always wanted a skate board..... No, REALLY! Our neighbors down the street were having a garage sale and decided to be sweet and give it to WENDY. Well Holly confiscated it and got her a helmet so she could try it out. I thought Lacy would get a kick out of these. Oh, please ignore the person behind her... She needed a little help, but shhhhh don't tell anyone. Ha

A final note.... For those of you who don't know Holly and for that matter for those of you who do..... My parents informed me that Holly looks a little mad to them. Well Holly loves making these faces for the camera you see... Has nothing to do with her being mad. She is actually on a handicap ramp about to ride down and was showing us she wasn't really sure of it. Ha
Gotta love that Holly!! In the future I will post some of her other faces and you will get the idea.