Saturday, October 31, 2009


We are on the island and had the medical checkup yesterday and his TB test. Evan was the best kiddo in the whole clinic!! He never cried was totally attentive to their questions and watched as they put the needle in for the TB test. Not one tear!!!! I won't say that he enjoyed the TB test. lol, but he never cried or threw a fit over it.

We went swimming afterward. Holly had taken Wendy all over the island looking at the shops and then took her swimming. We met them down there. Evan absolutely loved the water and splashing all of us. Mike tried to take a nap while we were at the pool.

We at at Lucy's last night. Food was really good. It feels wonderful to finally be at the WS!! Air quality is so much better!!!

Halloween evening at the White Swan was made fun since we brought some candy, masks, and some window clings!!
I truly think Evan will be one of us with the Halloween issue!! For those of you who know us we really love Halloween. Everyone dresses up and we decorate the house up. This year was just mild fun for us, but fun all the same.

Photos to come.....

Today is Chen Family Temple and Pearl/Jade market. I will be getting something for me here!!