Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WalMart & New pjs

We went to the Walmart today and lost Mike first thing. hehe He bent over to tie his shoe and then he was lost. LOL
Evan thought is was neat dressing up to shop, but once there all of the language really got him. He did like strolling in the shopping cart, and having Daddy buy him a ball! Our biggest purchase was his stroller today. We went off and forgot one I bought at a garage sale. oops..... This one has Mickey Mouse on it. Evan seems to enjoy riding in it so far. Easier on the back for sure. ha
Evan has an attachment item of a pair of black crocs that were Wendy's when she was younger.
Sibling rivalry has begun!!! Evan is apparently a biter - he has bitten Wendy 3 times already. The only times he tries to bite her is when they are fighting over a toy...or Holly...lol
And....to top things off, today is Holly's 22nd birthday! We're going to eat with the group and have cake together tonight.
Well, that's about all for now...more adventures to come :)