Monday, May 12, 2008

Palo Duro Canyon Adventure "Take Two"

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We loved it so much that Mike and Wendy took me back to the Canyon for Mother's Day.
Holly had to go back to Lubbock to leave there for Peru today; so she didn't get to be here on Mother's Day.
As I had said in the Take One post I usually see some really neat things on my Mother's Day trips....well I got to see a Texas Horned Toad and I haven't seen one of these since I was a child. Too many pesticides to kill out the Red Ants killed out the Horned Toads since the Red Ant is their food source. I was so excited to see them thriving here. Remember it is against the law to pick one up and take it home. They are making a come back but were near extinction not long ago.

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all of my friends and family.

Lacy comes here today for a weeks visit!! I'm so excited to see her. How is that for a Mother's Day present??


Palo Duro Canyon Adventure "Take One"

We had one of the best days ever with traveling about 30 miles away from home. How cool to have something this spectacular so close to home!! We loved it so much that Mike and Wendy are taking me back for Mothers Day tomorrow. It seems every Mothers Day and every Birthday we end up doing something nature wise. I love it. One year we went to California and saw the Sea Lions with their babies. I thought that was so much I haven't forgotten it. That was when the older girls were very young.

I want to share some of our experience with everyone. Oh, you must have a walking stick to do half of what we did. Believe me when I say I am super sore, but we are going again and hopefully it will work out the pain. We had the best time on our first adventure to the Canyon. We took three hiking trails. The first we took around a ridge and found many neat things... Then it was off to climb up to a Cave Entrance. It was SPECTACULAR!! Lastly we went on a easy trail and saw a bunny, and some Turkey tracks among some of the prettiest Green Lizards!
After all our hard hiking we ended the adventure with an Ice Cream Cone!!

This wasn't the last trip.... We went on Mother's Day as well, and I will post photos of that adventure in another post.

I can't believe that Wendy and I were able to climb one of the inclines to see a cave!! Very steep, but we were troopers.

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