Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wendy's Very First Piano Recital

She was so darn cute. We arrived early like she was suppose to,5:30 pm, to warm up some. She played for the 3 of us and Nanna Pam (our neighbor)to warm up. Right before it was to start she looked at me and said I thought I just played. LOL She practiced beautifully. She was introduced by her teacher, Mrs, Sharron, and Wendy did fine the first song, but then on the second piece she had to start over at the top of the piece. That is normal since she has never played in front of a crowd before. The third piece she got nervous once she saw that I had the camera on and recording. Oops.

Our friends arrived late so Mrs. Sharron noticed it and once the other kids had played she let Wendy play her last piece again and she did much better. Just for her friend, Anna.

Wendy really did well considering. See what you think.