Monday, November 28, 2011

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

ASTA needs help

Our daughter Holly has a request. Her little pup Asta has been diagnosed with patellar luxation. Her knees keep sleeping out of joint and is causing this little thing pain. Holly is a Grad Student and is low of funds. Please find it in your heart to help. No amount is too small, every penny helps.
Holly and I found Miss Asta at the Animal Shelter and rescued her. She was nothing but fur and bones that day. Poor little thing was only 5 months old and had been found dumped. I can't imagine no one not loving this precious pup. She knows no stranger.
Please click on the title above to go to the link. I know these are hard times, but like I said even the smallest of donations helps. Please feel free to share with your friends.

Monday, October 17, 2011

At the Request of a Friend....

I'm going to update. I'm so very sorry not to keep up with this. I guess life and fb have taken over....
For those of you who follow along, I'm truly sorry I'm so bad at blogging. I really need to do this more for my children's sake. I so want to turn this into a book, but haven't a clue how to go about it. I have looked into it, but as understanding exactly how to go about it just isn't there for me. I'll have to see if I can just sit down while Evan and Wendy are both in school for the day.

Our fall has been extremely busy, but what's new right? The week before Evan's 5th birthday our oldest daughter moved home. Finding jobs in Dallas wasn't working at all; so she is looking here and doing some deep thinking of maybe going back for her masters. Not sure, but at least she is here and has a roof over her head.

Evan turned 5 last month and we were going to have his party here at the house. Our theme was "Carnival". With Lacy moving in we had boxes everywhere; so it wasn't a good plan to have it at the house. We moved it to the park near our school. It just happened to be very hot that day unfortunately. Evan got sick from the heat and we had to bath him down with a cold towel. After sitting in the shade for a bit he started feeling better. I have never had one of mine get so sick on their party day... Of course we were worried about his little heart at that rate. We had a bounce house and several carnival games, but the favorites were the clown pinata and pin the tail on the donkey. Funny how the old games were the best loved. Can you believe that many of the children didn't know what pin the tail on the donkey was? It is a shame our children of today are so into electronics and not the good old fashioned play. Mine are guilty too, but when it comes to parties we go into our old party game mood. Lacy made his cake with a little help from Holly and me... I had found this idea in the Wilton Cake book of long ago... It was a car with clowns poking out of the windows and sunroof. It turned out to be one of the cutest cakes we've had. It also prompted Lacy into getting classes at Michaels for cake decorating. His actual birthday was on a Tuesday. I told him we would fix his favorite meal for his real day... He then said "You mean I turn 6". Oh my he just doesn't understand birthdays yet. :) I bet next year it will sink in. He even has trouble with going to friends parties thinking it is his birthday again. LOL

On Columbus weekend we went to Colorado to ride the Cumbres Toltec Train. It turned cool compared to here and we were lucky enough to pack warm things. The early morning Saturday we got to see heavy snow fall in Alamosa. It snowed in the mountains and we got to see the snow on the beautiful fall foliage on the Aspens. My word how beautiful the Aspens were!! We saw Prong Horn Deer, Elk, and a Coyote. I love riding the train, but not as much as Mike. Evan and Wendy enjoyed it so much, but NO ONE LOVES it more than MIKE!! I go along for the scenery! This was the first trip we have taken with just the 2 little ones in a long while.

Over this past weekend we went to the pumpkin farm. We had more fun than I expected. The kids again had fun just doing simple things... Like checking out the bunnies at bunnyville,riding a John Deere Trike around a cool track, Tractor wagon ride, a cool obstacle course with a glide wire,that both accomplished, and bouncing on an air pillow (which I really wish we had one), Ducky Derby racing... this is where they put the rubber duck on a metal track and pulled a hand crank water pump; the fast you pumped the water the fast the duck moved to the other end. Not an easy feat. Then they climbed a hay pyramid and a large hill with a slide. After this we went over to the Hayride out to the corn maze and then to the pumpkin patch. We had a hard time with the maze and decided to back track out. Next off to pick out our pumpkin; well we got more than one... We thought we were spending a lot, but our load only cost us 35.00's when anywhere else would be selling them for much more. We got many different sizes. Lacy had a wonderful time and so did Mike and I, but the two little ones really had a good time. I do believe we will be having Evan's 6th birthday party here next year.

I've also added our pumpkin photos and one of Evan on his first school field trip.

School is going well for both kiddos. Dance has been busy and life is just a blur at times. Isn't life grand!

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's been a couple of months....

Hey There!

I guess I took a vacation from blogging once more. lol We had a very good summer, but an extremely HOT one!
Wendy had drama camp, dance class, and dance camp. She had lots of fun doing all of these. Evan took dance this summer too. They loved it, but the one thing they seemed to love more were the swimming class they took at the end of July. They have come a long way since they ended. Wendy, while we were on vacation two weeks ago, jumped into each pool she could along our way and swam from one side of the pool to the other with her head under water! I'm so proud of her. Evan with the help of arm floaties swam where he wanted and put his face in the water often. He isn't as far along as Wendy, but he is younger. All in all Mr. did very well!!! We have two fish in the family for sure.

This summer vacation we took another road trip back to California. We took it slow and did a three day drive there. First day out we drove from here to Albuquerque for the first night. We ate at our favorite Noodle place there and then headed to bed. The next day we drove on to Flagstaff, and along the way we went to Meteor Crater State Park and saw the biggest hole in the earth. It really was something to see. Then we went on into Flagstaff after a few rest stops and once there we stayed at Little America Hotel. It was just fabulous!!!! We have decided to stay there again. The room was just wonderful. The kiddos loved their pool and so did I. It rained there and the smell of the pines was divine. From there we drove a longer day to Barstow Cal., due to going to the Grand Canyon along the way. The Grand Canyon was wonderful. Last time we went to the GC we had the two older girls only and went to the North Rim. It was more desert like on the south end. We were so tired by the time we got to Barstow, but the little ones just had to swim. ha Guess what was next door to the hotel?? Tanger Outlet Mall, yep we did a little shopping the next morning on our way out. Had to get the kids some school clothes since we were taking our vacation so close to the start date of school. It only took us 3 hours to get on in to Anaheim and we went to Seal Beach this time. Mike didn't hurt himself this time...we wouldn't allow it! LOL We had a very good time there. We enjoyed walking the beach and getting our feet wet. Wendy brought back some shells and so did Lacy. I do believe Holly, Evan and I also put some into our bucket. After we played and had our picnic we headed to our hotel. We stayed at Portofino Hotel this time. We had to have a room that accommodated all 6 of us. The room we got there had bunk beds and a pull out sofa bed along with our King bed. Very nice room, but not sure I would stay again due to the distance from there to the Disneyland park. The buses didn't come often enough as they do in DW; so we had to walk each and every time. Going isn't bad, but coming back in the evening was murder. We had the stroller with us, but boy that got rough!!!! Evan fought with Wendy over who had the shade and who's head could be where. Such a PAIN! We finally made the walk everywhere. That showed them!

Ok, it is now lunch time so I will post photos in a bit, but at lease you can read about our summer fun.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Special Family Time.

If you click on our photo it will take you to the Disney Photo Pass site for an E-card.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Has it been this long already?

Man we sure have been busy. Life just gets carried away with two busy children. Did I ever say how many activities they are both in???
Let me start with Wendy~ Monday she has school of course and then directly after picking her up I take Wendy, along with two of her little friends, to dance where she does Ballet, Tap, and Jazz for an hour and a half. Then home to do homework and eat. Then on Tuesday we use to have Daisy Girl Scout meetings; so now we just do homework, which is always a lot!!
Wednesday I pick Wendy up from school and then we come home and do homework so she can go to Prep for Point class at 5:30-6:20 (which she is soooo wanting her point shoes, but can't have until her little bones are ready) and then we pick up a salad for dinner.
Thursday is a relax and do homework unless it lands on Troop meeting night. Troop nights Wendy goes for an hour to be with the girls and work for badges on her tunic. We just finished Girl Scout Cookie Sales!!! We ended up buying the tail end of her boxes to finish selling....say 42 boxes at 3.50 a box!!! You do the math. Luckily Mike will take most of these off to work and then we have family that has requested a few boxes. Hopefully we won't be left with many. We really have done well not eating tons of them.
Fridays are pretty low key unless we remember it is Chinese Lessons which we haven't go to any this year yet due to being forgetful and just plain TIRED!
The weekend is for us to recoup or have some fun.

Evan~ Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday he goes off to Preschool, which he LOVES. He has came a long way in a year and 4 months! He has had a hard time with some of his alphabet, but hey what can you expect. He can now sing it all the way through though and that has been a accomplishment on its own. He is now practicing with scissors and not doing too bad at all. He recognizes his name in written form and has for the past 3 months. Now to get him to spell his name aloud. This has been hard since he keeps saying "E" is for Evan. Did I say he was about the most hard headed little boy I know of?!
Fridays at 1:30 to 2:20 he takes Ballet/Tap. This has helped immensely with his coordination. He truly loves dancing! He loves watching anything and everything to do with Dance also. His favorite movie is "Mama Mia"!! The latest was Billy Elliot since it was about a boy who dances ( I just wish they didn't have to have so many cuss words and smoking in it). He can't wait to do his Recital!!! He is the only little boy in his age group; so you can imagine how cute he is going to be. He helps all of the little girls with their Arabesque when they first come out on stage. He himself is the first on stage and he comes out on tip toes and then does his boy bow and then holds his hands and arms ready for the little girls. It is adorable.

Me~ well I've been talked into doing a Jazz class which I wasn't informed it was a jazz class until I handed them the money! LOL I can honestly say that I'm having the hardest time with my left and right when going fast. ha I come home energized and then the next day I'm soooo sore I can barely stand it.
I run the children to each and every thing that they are involved in. True since of the word "Moms Taxi Service".

Last weekend we went for a quick weekend trip to Red River NM. Holly wanted to ski and so did Mike. The kids did the childrens ski school while I sat and watched them. I took photos, but I bet they didn't turn out cause I was a distance away. I DON"T Ski!!!! I WON"T Ski!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 11:00 am we got the kids and put away the rentals and off to lunch we went. Holly was antsy to get back and to the tougher runs so we let her go on while we finished up and walked all the way back (quite a distance from the restaurant) Once we got back Mike took off and wanted to try again (mind you he had never skied before and the first two runs he did pretty good). Holly was about to put all the rentals up (I truly wish she had already!) when Mike came up and off they went one last time. Holly was telling Mike how to turn on his skis and as he started off he thought he was about to hit Holly and tripped over his skis and knocked his knee cap out of alignment. OH THE PAIN!!! They carried him down by stretcher and then into the car, front seat, how they did that I just don't know. Getting him out wasn't an easy task and neither was getting him up the stairs to our room. He went 28 hours before he actually got it re-situated. He and I spent 4 hours in the ER here and Holly went on to Texas Tech while our neighbor took care of the kiddos. They ended up knocking him out to relocate it. Can't wait to see that bill!!!!ARGH...

I think we have caught up pretty well considering.

Did I mention that Wendy was in "The Little Match Girl"? Well she was and she did so well that she wants to be in another play as soon as she can. I'll post photos of each event....except of Mike being carted down the slope. Hopefully this will all fit, if not I'll do a second post with photos.

Mike's 54th Birthday~

One Hundred Days of School Project
One Hundred Ballerinas~

Oh the things our Pets go through... Jasper playing Pretty Pretty Princess, Tallulah being dragged into the game~

Valentines Parties~

Aren't they sweet!

Evan and his Valentine!