Monday, August 29, 2011

It's been a couple of months....

Hey There!

I guess I took a vacation from blogging once more. lol We had a very good summer, but an extremely HOT one!
Wendy had drama camp, dance class, and dance camp. She had lots of fun doing all of these. Evan took dance this summer too. They loved it, but the one thing they seemed to love more were the swimming class they took at the end of July. They have come a long way since they ended. Wendy, while we were on vacation two weeks ago, jumped into each pool she could along our way and swam from one side of the pool to the other with her head under water! I'm so proud of her. Evan with the help of arm floaties swam where he wanted and put his face in the water often. He isn't as far along as Wendy, but he is younger. All in all Mr. did very well!!! We have two fish in the family for sure.

This summer vacation we took another road trip back to California. We took it slow and did a three day drive there. First day out we drove from here to Albuquerque for the first night. We ate at our favorite Noodle place there and then headed to bed. The next day we drove on to Flagstaff, and along the way we went to Meteor Crater State Park and saw the biggest hole in the earth. It really was something to see. Then we went on into Flagstaff after a few rest stops and once there we stayed at Little America Hotel. It was just fabulous!!!! We have decided to stay there again. The room was just wonderful. The kiddos loved their pool and so did I. It rained there and the smell of the pines was divine. From there we drove a longer day to Barstow Cal., due to going to the Grand Canyon along the way. The Grand Canyon was wonderful. Last time we went to the GC we had the two older girls only and went to the North Rim. It was more desert like on the south end. We were so tired by the time we got to Barstow, but the little ones just had to swim. ha Guess what was next door to the hotel?? Tanger Outlet Mall, yep we did a little shopping the next morning on our way out. Had to get the kids some school clothes since we were taking our vacation so close to the start date of school. It only took us 3 hours to get on in to Anaheim and we went to Seal Beach this time. Mike didn't hurt himself this time...we wouldn't allow it! LOL We had a very good time there. We enjoyed walking the beach and getting our feet wet. Wendy brought back some shells and so did Lacy. I do believe Holly, Evan and I also put some into our bucket. After we played and had our picnic we headed to our hotel. We stayed at Portofino Hotel this time. We had to have a room that accommodated all 6 of us. The room we got there had bunk beds and a pull out sofa bed along with our King bed. Very nice room, but not sure I would stay again due to the distance from there to the Disneyland park. The buses didn't come often enough as they do in DW; so we had to walk each and every time. Going isn't bad, but coming back in the evening was murder. We had the stroller with us, but boy that got rough!!!! Evan fought with Wendy over who had the shade and who's head could be where. Such a PAIN! We finally made the walk everywhere. That showed them!

Ok, it is now lunch time so I will post photos in a bit, but at lease you can read about our summer fun.

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Sherry said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun and busy summer. Can't wait to see some pictures.