Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday message...

Mike's birthday was yesterday, but I was so busy wishing all of my China Sisters Congratulations on their new referrals that I forgot to post about his birthday.

I can't believe he is now 52 and still no Mylie.... I hope that they honor our wishes and allow us to have a baby still....ha Time flies in some ways and in others it seems to be as slow as Rush Hour Traffic in Dallas! As Mike said he is just so happy to have lived another year. ha

Wendy and I took him out to Red Lobster last night for his meal. He ordered Rock Lobster Tail and ended up getting two of them. Hum, could have been because I mentioned his birthday??? The waiter said it was because the first one was small so they gave him two. Those were more like medium size not small.... He really enjoyed them both. This is a place we rarely eat. The last time we were there was around 5 years ago in Ft. Worth, but this is a nice one here.

Happy Birthday to Mike!!