Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Bright and early Friday morning Wendy was dressed in her pretty black and white dress with a ballerina skirt. Daddy took her to school by 8:00 and Holly, Evan and I came behind them for her graduation at 8:30 a.m.
Just a little after 8:30 they began and here came the cutest little procession ever!!! They were all in blue cap and gowns.....absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!!!
After the graduation they got to keep their gold tassels with 2010 on it. It will be a wonderful keepsake for her.

My baby is now a First Grader!!!! Where did the time go??? I guess some things just go by too fast. Not our wait for Evan....LOL, and he too is now growing like a little weed!
One thing for sure she will always be smaller than her piers. I'll see if I can also get the photos off of Mike's disc, but in the mean time here are some from my camera.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Night at the Drive-in

We had one of those ideas Friday night.... Humm.... let's see what's playing at the Drive-in. Just in luck the new Shrek Movie was out and the double feature was Iron Man II. Holly and I had already seen Iron Man II with the little kids not long ago.We went and the kids had a wonderful time. Mind you this was Evan's first time ever at our Drive-in. This one has been in our area for some time. The playground was very nostalgic with old play equipment.....very cool, but one must really watch their children on the merry-go-round. I really don't like my kids getting on them since we all how dangerous they really are, but before I could do anything about it Mike said "sure go get on". Thank you lord above for keeping them safe. This is truly play at your own risk. lol

Evan and Wendy will never ever forget these moments! The smiles were huge on these two. They both stayed awake for the whole Shrek movie! The one treat we indulged in was the coke float. Yum!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wendy's Very First Piano Recital

She was so darn cute. We arrived early like she was suppose to,5:30 pm, to warm up some. She played for the 3 of us and Nanna Pam (our neighbor)to warm up. Right before it was to start she looked at me and said I thought I just played. LOL She practiced beautifully. She was introduced by her teacher, Mrs, Sharron, and Wendy did fine the first song, but then on the second piece she had to start over at the top of the piece. That is normal since she has never played in front of a crowd before. The third piece she got nervous once she saw that I had the camera on and recording. Oops.

Our friends arrived late so Mrs. Sharron noticed it and once the other kids had played she let Wendy play her last piece again and she did much better. Just for her friend, Anna.

Wendy really did well considering. See what you think.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet Franceska.

Our agency posted that the Stork Landed today. I have a friend that has waited 4 years logged in date for China adoption. If you include all of the paper work they did before they got their LID (log in date)they have waited right at 5 years!!!
I have known Kristy through Blog Land for 3 years and when I realized that the Stork had landed at Great Wall agency my heart leaped with joy.
Mike and I know all to well how hard this wait is and we jumped off the long line once we found our son Evan waiting for us.
If you want to see more photos of such a beautiful little baby girl go to her blog and take a look, and leave her your well wishes.

I couldn't be any happier than if it were my own. Happy Referral Day, Kristy!!! Totally worth the wait right?

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Have a Wonderful Mother's Day!

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If it weren't for my mom I wouldn't be here to be a mom myself. I truly love her! She is my mother, and my best friend. She comforts me when I'm down. She is there to share my joys and my sorrows with. There isn't a day that goes by I don't wish she were living near me....days like this.

Mom, when you read this know that I love you!!! Mike, Lacy, Holly, Wendy, Evan and I don't miss a day of thinking of you.

Ganny, I know that Lane shows you the blog on weekends and I want you to know that You are loved so much too. I am so glad you got your pictures as well. I hope your Mother's Day was a very pleasant one.

My Day:

My children woke up and raring and ready to make me breakfast. It was so cute... Wendy cracked the eggs and scrambled me some eggs along with making toast. Evan brought me my tray, and he didn't even drop it! He was so very proud of was I!
Then they all had a present for me; as if that wasn't gift enough. Mike got me a nice arrangement of Hens and Chicks in a planter. He also brought me a lovely Orchid! I've never gotten one and have always admired them. I sure hope I don't kill it.
Wendy tried to win me a stuffed animal at the Walmart arcade; so Holly took her to Hastings our Bookstore and she chose a stuffed Smurf doll and a webbed footed frog for Evan to give me. lol Well, we all know how the gift giving went once I said cool. huh? Evan lugged the frog around and Wendy lugged the smurf doll around. LOL!!
Holly got me "it's Complicated". I can't wait to see this!
My Lacy called me on the phone at lunch to wish me a good day. I sure did enjoy hearing from her.
Everyone here took me to eat at Ruby Tequila's. We had never eaten there before and it was so good. It won't be our last time. The children were so cute during lunch. Evan decided to wear his Super "E" Cape that a dear friend "Auntie" gave him. Mike forgot the camera or I would have photos to post.

I must tell you, this is such a wonderful Mother's Day for me since I finally have my last chick added to the brood. As I said on Facebook...if I had been told last year on Mother's Day that I would not have another daughter but a "SON" I would have laughed and said no way. I couldn't be happier to have my little boy Evan. What a blessing he is to our family. My cup truly runneth over. I love all of my chickies.