Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today is Wendy's 3rd Gotcha Year!!




Momma and Daddy are so proud that we are your parents. We have been so blessed by having you in our family.

I just can't believe that it has been 3 years ago since they placed our Wendy in my arms. I'll never forget that day!
We have made many life long friends through our trip and we are especially grateful to have found out who your nanny mate was. I can see why they paired you and Katey up!

To all who traveled with us I wish you and your daughters and son a Very Happy Gotcha Day! We were so blessed to have had such wonderful people to travel with. I'm so glad we are going to be life long friends.

Here's to our Daughters and our one Son....Wendy, Katey, Jade, Abigail, Elizabeth, Kaylee, Amelia, Lilu, and Hai Chong(Chong Chong). We miss all of you terribly!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trip to the Photographer.....

Last Tuesday Holly and I took Wendy to get her Birthday photo made at a new place about 20 minutes away from us. Being that it was before Thanksgiving we thought that maybe by getting there early enough we could get her photos done as a walk in.
Remember I said it was a New place! Dummy me, I should have gotten an appointment. They were booked solid up until 7:00 pm or they could get us in on Friday. I voted for Friday, but Holly wanted to just take care of it that day and so we made the 7:00 pm appointment. Now, being that we live a ways from there we decided to go to the mall to kill a little time before our movie started (The Bee Movie). Once the movie was over we were to meet Lacy and Daddy at our favorite Thai place to eat. Wendy calls the Owner/Cook "Grandma". Grandma just adores Miss Wendy!!
By the time we were done with dinner it was 6:15 pm. Holly, Wendy, and I took on off to get there in time for our appointment. I really should have called to see if they were running behind, but noooooo! We get there about 6 minutes before time and they had so many families waiting still! One family had 9 in it to have their X-mas photos taken.....needless to say they took forever. There were 3 other groups ahead of us. Once we were called Wendy was really tired(she had had no nap), and her little eyelids were very heavy looking, but she mustered up some smiles for us.
Here they are.

Yesterday I took her for her Christmas photos at BRS/Kiddie Kandids. Wendy did a wonderful job there as well, but this time the photographer made her smile unlike the other place where Holly and I were asked to make her smile? I didn't like that about them, but their quality was really good and the price was GREAT. BRS/KK's camera failed to flash and we had a really good smile/pose! Wendy was a trooper and came through it okay, but we had many camera problems in between each shot. The girl said it was a pain in the neck camera, and Wendy replied with this " No, it is a pain in the FLASH!" Isn't that too funny!?! I'll try to post some of these photos, but their disc is harder to load.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

give thanks

Our family has many things to be Thankful for this year. I am very thankful for my Husband, Daughters, and I am thankful for one last chance at being a parent to another sweet baby girl sometime in our future.
I wish for you and your families a very Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
May you get lots of Turkey and the fixings today!!

By the way, right before I made coffee this morning I let the puppies out to pee, and I saw on my wallpaper a lovely deep red ladybug sitting there. I just reached over and gave it a kiss. She started to fall; so I caught her and made my wish then I put her in the front entrance on our Ivy plant. Mainly because it was 34 degrees and later decided to sleet and snow. I'm so happy I didn't send her out side in that.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy 17 month of WAITING, and Waiting, and waiting.....

I can't believe it but it is time again for our monthly anniversary clock in. I do wish I was one day soon surprised and could actually say it is referral day, but alas no....
Yesterday we were at my parents house and I noticed my dad had a magic 8 ball; so I picked it up and the first question was for my dad...."will he be able to walk and come for Thanksgiving Day?" Answer:Most Likely. Then I thought maybe I could ask "will we get Mylie by next December".... Answer: "Defiantly Not". I got disgusted and walked out. Luckily we were actually leaving anyway.

Today was a better day though. I was helping clean our front flower bed out and I was actually cleaning the leaves out of the Rosemary bush and guess what I found in there? Well, I found the prettiest Red Ladybug ever! She climbed on my finger and then walked all the way up my arm and sat on my shoulder. I made my ultimate know the one, and then I actually "Kissed" her! Mike then took her and made his wish and sang the song "Ladybug, ladybug fly away home" and then she flew. I would love for our wish to come true. Earlier this morning Wendy made a wish on one also. Maybe just maybe it is a good sign.

Happy 17th Anniversary to all of my June 19th Sisters.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Photos from last night.

We had a wonderful time. Wendy kept saying that this was the best Halloween EVER!!! It couldn't have been because she had all of her family dress up too, or could it be? She was really excited that her daddy actually dressed up, but I can't say he was very happy about it.
He got so many little kids hollering "HEY IT'S DONALD DUCK"!!! That part was really cute. We even had our family photo taken by the Fire Fighters who were passing out candy. How funny!

The thing that happened around 10:00 pm was that Mike had turned the lights out at 9:30 pm and the doorbell rang at 10:00 pm along with a very demanding 3 Knocks behind the doorbell ringing. We all looked at each other and said hum must be a very demanding crew wanting candy. Mike said that it sounded like a more important knock than that. Sure enough he went to the door and there stood a couple of State Troopers!
Sir, does that car parked in front of you house belong to anyone here? Mike: Yes sir, that is my nieces car. Trooper: Well we just apprehended a young lady who just hit it and ran from the scene. OMG!! Can you believe it????
Well we had 3 Trooper cars out front and one Sheriff and the girls car along with a couple of others until after 11:00 pm. The girl gave her name and phone #, but not her insurance info. Come to find out she didn't have her license with her and she had been drinking with some teen friends while trick or treating..... Wait it gets better. The girl lives three houses down from us on the opposite side of the street, and her mom decided she didn't want her to give her insurance info; so she drove the short distance down and got out. Come to find out the Mom was intoxicated! They took her driving license and had her daughter drive her home; they both were ticked, and now owe my niece money to have her car repaired. Let's see Hit and Run, no license, DWI really for both. Hummmm One screwed up family if you ask me.

We have been having trouble with our cross the street neighbors for some time with their son. He happens to be friends with this girl and every other teen who was sharing a beer or two and has been causing trouble with fire works and his friends parking deliberately in front of our our drive way just daring us to hit their cars. The Troopers told us that if they continue to do so to call them and they will have them towed. It is against the law to park in front of a driveway.

Oh by the way, Lacy was headed in to get my niece a jacket and on the way in she saw a lovely fall leaf or so she thought......when she picked it up by the stem she found out that the stem was a mouse/rat tail and that it had been ran over by a car! Needless to say she RAN SCREAMING all the way into the house. She washed her hands for oh....a minute or more.

What a memorable Halloween! I hope everyone else's was not as exciting as this one was for us.