Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trip to the Photographer.....

Last Tuesday Holly and I took Wendy to get her Birthday photo made at a new place about 20 minutes away from us. Being that it was before Thanksgiving we thought that maybe by getting there early enough we could get her photos done as a walk in.
Remember I said it was a New place! Dummy me, I should have gotten an appointment. They were booked solid up until 7:00 pm or they could get us in on Friday. I voted for Friday, but Holly wanted to just take care of it that day and so we made the 7:00 pm appointment. Now, being that we live a ways from there we decided to go to the mall to kill a little time before our movie started (The Bee Movie). Once the movie was over we were to meet Lacy and Daddy at our favorite Thai place to eat. Wendy calls the Owner/Cook "Grandma". Grandma just adores Miss Wendy!!
By the time we were done with dinner it was 6:15 pm. Holly, Wendy, and I took on off to get there in time for our appointment. I really should have called to see if they were running behind, but noooooo! We get there about 6 minutes before time and they had so many families waiting still! One family had 9 in it to have their X-mas photos taken.....needless to say they took forever. There were 3 other groups ahead of us. Once we were called Wendy was really tired(she had had no nap), and her little eyelids were very heavy looking, but she mustered up some smiles for us.
Here they are.

Yesterday I took her for her Christmas photos at BRS/Kiddie Kandids. Wendy did a wonderful job there as well, but this time the photographer made her smile unlike the other place where Holly and I were asked to make her smile? I didn't like that about them, but their quality was really good and the price was GREAT. BRS/KK's camera failed to flash and we had a really good smile/pose! Wendy was a trooper and came through it okay, but we had many camera problems in between each shot. The girl said it was a pain in the neck camera, and Wendy replied with this " No, it is a pain in the FLASH!" Isn't that too funny!?! I'll try to post some of these photos, but their disc is harder to load.



Special K said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I can't believe she did so well after such a full day and all that waiting. She is a trooper!
Great pics!

LID 6-14-06

M & M said...

Wendy did a great job for just a longggg day of waiting. The pics came out great. She is so photogenic. Great job WENDY !!!

Leigh said...

Can't wait to see her when she is not tired......too cute!!

Lynn & Tom said...
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Lynn & Tom said...

She looks so beautiful! I love the one on the block. Sassy girl. :)