Monday, May 05, 2008

Mike's new Toy....

All of Mike's wonderful Colleagues at his past position put in and gave us a gift card so we could get something for both of us from all of them as a going away gift. We have had that card for over 5 weeks now trying really hard to decide what we could get to A)remember them all by. B)that would be for both of us to enjoy together. We finally came up with it yesterday. Mike took Wendy on a trip to Home Depot and picked up this really nice grill. Well of course Mike is the master griller, but I sure do enjoy what he cooks; so I guess you can truly say it is a gift that both of us will totally enjoy for many years.
Mike was like a little boy with a new Toy. Oh, the steaks and squash were the first things to get grilled last night right after he brought it home. I can truly say that they were the best steaks I've tasted in many a year!! YUMMY!!


Pretty Pose

Wendy just loves this new dress. She also loves to have her photo taken. Thought I would update a few of my gorgeous girl.