Friday, June 27, 2008

28 years ago.....and They Lived Happily Ever After

Once Upon A Time.....

There was a girl who was very much in love with a young man with dark curly hair. They were both very young and no one thought it would last past 5 years some said less.
They had known each other for 3 years and were so much in love. The young man left for Medical School while the girl stayed behind to finish up High School. It was pure misery!! They talked one weekends when the rates were cheaper, but weren't that cheap.
They wrote each other constantly. Every Holiday was spent together going back and forth to each others parents homes, and trying to steal away some time on their own.
The girl tried so hard to keep herself busy with her own school work and also by planning all of the wedding. The girl made every flower that was to be carried or worn, and her parents took lessons from Wilton so that they could make the wedding cake.
The day came for the girl to graduate from High School and many attended. She was so thrilled that this meant it wasn't long until her Wedding Day.
June rolled around and plans were being completed. The two families were highly busy building platforms,renting cages for doves (the young mans mother raised them) and putting rice in cut fabric. The week of the wedding the girls parents were busy baking and freezing cakes for the day before they would put it all together for the big day.

This was Twenty Eight Years ago today. It just so happens that it has landed on a Friday just as it was 28 years ago.

Happy Anniversary My Love.... I will always love you!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.....

We are surrounded by thunderstorms this evening, but all of the sudden the sun came out and there was a lovely summer sun shower. Then I decided to head to the back of the house to take a look and behold there was a gorgeous rainbow. By the time I grabbed the camera it had faded some, but was still so pretty. As it faded out on the back side of the yard I turned and there was the other end of it just as gorgeous as the first side was. By the time I ran and picked the camera up again it had faded as well, but again still so lovely..... Isn't it something how the sun is bright in the first two and not in the last one.
Wendy ran and started saying it is Clark saying hello to us. So sweet.... I told her that he was running playing over that rainbow. It is a Happy Thought!
On the other hand my thought was Mylie was Somewhere Over That Rainbow.... So you see, things have different meanings for different people. Ours are two very sweet thoughts and dreams....


Thursday, June 19, 2008



Well, we have made the 2 year mark today!!! Mike said this morning we won't be saying almost 2 years now. Ha!

I wish my "June 19th 06' China Sisters" a happy one today, and heres to that darn speed up after the Olympic Games.

At least there are many good things coming up to keep us busy so the time will fly.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A few cool things leading up to Fathers Day...

First of all we went with some friends to Wonderland Park for a Curious George event. We went with our friends Sally, Joely, and Camry, who we have known through our agency while waiting for Wendy and Camry in 04'. Anyway.... the girls had fun eating banana splits and getting their photo with George. I didn't take a photo of them with him since they were taking and giving them one each. I'll see if I can some how down load a photo of the photo they took. It was from an instant camera...
I did manage taking plenty of them riding the rides there at Wonderland. Wonderland is a "mini" Six Flags. It reminds me of the little rides that our Zoo in Ft. Worth had back in the 60's. I just love it and Wendy absolutely had a grand time there. She is ready to go again.

Next are some photos of Camry's Birthday Party in a park not far from our house. It was Wendy's first Birthday Party to go to since moving here. Camry had an ice cream party and they played with a Piniata. Wendy had never done this and had fun even though her aim wasn't that great.

Thirdly, we took Mike to the local Zoo and then off to Texas Road House. Holly and I were impressed that they had been busy with the Zoo since we were there in March after our move. They have added some nice things railings with overhead cover and some Water Misters and they are now planning a Reptile House!! We are planning on sending in a donation so we can feel a part of the progress there. I didn't get many photos of the animals this time, but I did get a cute photo of one of the three donkey's they have. Oh, and of Mike and the girls to mark the day.

Enjoy the many photos....


Wendy, Joely, and Camry

Love those Smiles!! The girls are in the center. You can click on the photo to get a better look.

Very Big Smiles on the Helicopter.

Sky Lift....

Three Ponytails on the Train....

The very pretty Merry-Go-Round, and Wendy with her pretty smile. Always love those!!

Wendy loved the boats. She rode it twice, once alone and then with the girls.

Camry's Birthday Party at the local Park. Back Row: Joely, and Carmen. Front Row: Camry, Wendy, and Talia. Talia, and Wendy will be in Kindergarten together.

Holly got her baby holding fix with Sophia who is Carmen and Talia's baby sister.

The Piniata... Whack it Wendy!!

The Donkey at the Zoo in mid yawn. He actually looks like he is laughing to me. Ha

Holly, Dad, and Wendy, on Fathers Day Morning.

At the Texas Roadhouse a Clown made an Ariel doll out of balloons for Wendy. We were very impressed!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Crown in and now Resting.....

Wendy once again hit the Dentist Chair for her second Crown for her lower left molar this time. Only one more visit for her upper right molar and she is done. Hopefully for a very long time!!
No photos this time, but she did really well and insisted that I go on to the Family Waiting Room; which is very comfy with leather seating and a flat screen TV. Not to mention a cup of coffee while you wait.
She was a trooper and did well. She chose a stuffed floppy eared puppy to go with her elephant "Elmer". She is working on a name for her puppy, and I'm sure once Holly gets in for the weekend they will put their heads together and name her.
Right now she is sacked out on the couch. I had to give her Tylenol for her pain since they had given her Motrin earlier.
All will be fine once Holly and Daddy come in this evening. Daddy has been in Washington DC this week; so she misses him very much and I know the feelings are mutual from Daddy.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Future Olympian.....?

Wendy is doing Gymnastics this summer! She has been wanting to start back up since her class at Aledo had to close due to a girl taking Cheer leading broke her arm. So much for that...,but Wendy was born for this. How do I know? Well she climbs anything and everything under the sun. I have proof!
Her daddy had his walking stick out preparing for our next day hike and all of the sudden she started climbing on it. She is either destined to by a Gymnast or a Circus Performer. Ha
On the other hand she will be taking Ballet and Tap this coming July. She does show a dainty side sometimes....

Enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The doorbell rang....

I really wasn't prepared for anyone visiting. There stood this young gentleman with a single carnation arrangement. I signed for it and closed the door.... the card read "We are sorry for the loss of your pet." Noah's Ark Animal Hospital. Gosh, I've never in all my life been treated so kindly. Never saw this coming. Here are a couple of shots of the arrangement.

I've lost someone I hold dear to my heart

Today I had to have something done that we have known would someday have to come about. Our dear sweet friend and dog pal, Clark Gable passed over the "Rainbow Bridge". He had lived with Diabetes for 3 years!, and turned 12 years old this past May. We woke as we usually do ready to let everyone out to go potty and then to do our routine insulin shot and morning feeding. Everyone was ready to go out...Luther, Tallulah, and Ethel Mae, but wait Clark was at the back of his bed and wouldn't come out. He had looked like he had suffered a stroke. He wouldn't eat, or drink.
Luckily Mike hadn't gone to work yet, and told me to get a cookie with icing on it. He had thought it was his sugar count. Clark wouldn't eat. I knew it was time. You just know... I called and made all of the arrangements with the vet and other for 1:30 pm but he wasn't going to last that long.
He began to have a seizure and unfortunately Wendy happened to be there when he did. I told her he wasn't feeling well and would be going to heaven. A friend came to get her so she wouldn't have to be there for everything. Plus I'm sure she is having a wonderful play day instead. You see they too have a daughter adopted from China that is Wendy's age.
I got Clark into the car and ran in to lock things up including the other puppies. When I got back he wasn't in the seat he had some how moved to my floorboard and was crying. I put him in my lap with a towel and was ready to go. I got down not even a block and he had an accident in my car. Poor buddy. I wheeled around and knocked on my neighbors door and asked if she would go with me. She grabbed her shoes and I handed her we went with me driving, but that didn't last long. Pam and I traded places she drove and I held Clark. I have never met such wonderful neighbors believe me!!! I now know who my vet will be!! They were SO caring and stayed with me the whole time. I had four in the exam room with us one holding Clark with me, one holding me, and another consoling me with the vet being there explaining everything she was going to do. They gave me so much good time with him, and made things so much more comfortable. With the name of "Noah's Ark Veterinarian" I should have known they would have been very caring. They had never met me before, and were still oh so kind. Come to find out the receptionist son and my husband work together. Small World!

Clark, buddy, I love you and will never EVER forget the times we all had as a family. You'll be in my heart always....