Friday, December 12, 2008

Our First Panhandle Snow!!

I looked out on Tuesday morning December 9th and saw wet streets. It was still dark out so I assumed it had rained during the night due to the fact that we had dark clouds rolling in the evening before. Little did I know that it was snow!! Once I passed the kitchen windows I caught a glimpse of it falling and shouted out ("It IS SNOWING"!). Mike jumped out of bed and came running and Wendy had to get up off the couch to see what I was talking about. This is something we have looked forward to since we have been contemplating moving out here. It ended up snowing all day long. It was gorgeous to watch the fresh flakes fall. On the window you could actually see the shapes of the flakes even as tiny as they were. It was like looking under a microscope.

Wendy enjoyed every minute of it even at school.While Wendy was at school they had a fire drill and had to leave coats and all behind and stand out in the snow!! It must have not been a planned drill due to the fact that the children were without jackets. She said she almost turned into a Popsicle; this made me laugh. Once we got home from school she ran out and made a snow angel and I tried to help make her a snow man, but the snow was really dry and wouldn't stick together to form a ball. It is much prettier snow here than in Ft.Worth/Dallas. It is more pure in color, due to less pollution.

That night Wendy and I made cookies for her Ballet Class and had a wonderful time doing so.

Sorry these are late being posted, but better late than never. ha