Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let It Snow!!!

Well, Friday the forecast finally came true! When they said "Blizzard" they meant it by golly.

Friday we woke up and there was snow on the ground, and much more than we have had here all winter. It continued all day. The first video I took it was just getting started. Then Mike got home and we went out and had a snow ball fight; plus walked around in it to see just how deep it got.

My parents took us on vacation to New Mexico when I was Wendy's age and the snow was pretty deep. It went up to my waist and here it went to Wendy's bottom in some of the drifts, and up to her knee in the lower areas.

We think it was an average of 18" here.

Holly, Wendy and I had an adventure yesterday. The girls wanted to see the new animated Disney movie, and when we got to the theater the snow was up pretty high in the parking lot. Not to mention white outs I encountered while driving. Next time there will be NO getting out no matter what the kids want!!!! After all of that the theater manager decided to not open for the day. All of his employees were there, but they kept the doors closed until he made a final decision. So, we headed home stopped by Hastings for a few rentals to satisfy Holly and Wendy and then to the grocery store next door to get some soup fixings.

I was so glad to get back home.

It has about melted off now. Funny how quick that happened.

Enjoy the photos.