Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two Weeks From Today!!

One of the families that is getting their little girl tomorrow took a trip to New Hope Foundation yesterday. She asked if she could see two of the boys that will be getting their families soon. Guess What!! One of these were Evan!! I am so grateful to Kristie and her husband for doing this for us.
We will be going there just like them and seeing the facilities, but minus Evan. He will not be there when we go. He will be waiting for us in Nanchang. Oh how my heart aches for him. This will be such a transition for this little boy and I have a feeling this won't be like Wendy's adoption (smooth and so easy). I have a feeling that he will be so lost and wanting his nanny back.

These photos are so new....they were taken just yesterday!!! This is how our son will look when we get him.

He does have a touch of silliness to him as you can see by the photos. He will fit in so perfectly in this family! Oh what fun he will be.

We will be traveling to Beijing on the 21st and then we will arrive on the 23rd, on this same day we will be driving on up two hours away from Beijing to New Hope Foundation. We will be so exhausted from all of the flying, but this will be so worth it. Then we will be heading back to Beijing to meet up with our travel mates, and then on the 24th we will tour the Great Wall, Tienanmen Square, and the Forbidden City. On the 25th we will fly to Nanchang not long after we put our stuff in our rooms we will receive our Evan at 3:30 pm!! A day earlier than we were going to. I'm so very excited about this!!

Above is the map to Jiangxi Province where we will be going to get Evan. We will be in Nanchang which is the capital of Jiangxi and way to the far right you can see Shangrao, this is where Evan was originally found.

Oh, I keep forgetting to say that our guide will be Veronica. If anyone from our agency has had her please let me know.