Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The message began "Congratulations!"

We got our Travel Dates now!!!! Now we are in a hurry to get all of the final papers in for or Currier to take to the Consulate office for our visas. Holly is driving up tomorrow to get her photos to us in time to get them to our Currier by Friday! The Consulates office closes down on October 1st for the Chinese Holiday for two weeks; so we are in a mad rush to make a deadline for our visas.

I am torn on only one day to tour in Beijing. Last time we traveled we left a day before everyone else did to have one day extra to tour the Summer Palace and the Zoo. Now the Zoo isn't what I wish we could go to this time, but the girls need to see the Summer Palace. There is another reason to leave a day early. I sure would love to tour the facilities that our son has been in since 2007. I have seen so many photos now of where he has been taken so good care of and would love to meet the staff there that has loved our son so much for this length of time. It would be so wonderful to say thank you (Xie Xie) to these wonderful people.

What gets me is we are taking gifts to the nannies in Shangrao, and they aren't the ones who deserve these thank you gifts in my opinion. The staff at New Hope Foundation/Heartbridge are the ones who deserve the love and respect returned. I think since we may not get to tour this place we will go to their site and send in a donation in Evans name.

Maybe I can send a letter of appreciation to the foundation so they know how much we appreciate them.

Anyway, below are the dates of our Itinerary along with a couple of surprise photos of our cutie we got from volunteers from New Hope.

10/22 - Depart U.S.

10/23 - Arrive in Beijing (if you are going here first)

10/24 - Beijing Tour

10/25 - Fly to your province

10/26 – Gotcha Day!

10/31- Fly to Guangzhou on the morning

11/4- AC appointment

11/5 - Oath-taking ceremony

11/6 Family goes to AC to pick up passport with visa

11/7 – Earliest you can depart from China

I will be having my dear China Sister Sherry help me with my posts. I don't want to risk not being able to posts from China; so Sherry has agreed to help me with this. Thank you Sherry!

Now these photos show how much the nannies and volunteers love the children; well at least how much attention Mr. Evan gets. lol