Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some Answers to Questions...

In the photo of Holly and Wendy with the cake. Wendy was crying a little. She was trying to sleep when Holly got up to blow her candles out. We really didn't want here to drift off since it was only 8:00 pm. Bedtime wasn't quite time then.....ha

We will leave here tonight from Nanchang. The people here are warm and curious about our babies. Especially Evan being that he is a Boy, and that he looks so healthy. Lots of thumbs up.....)

Today it is Friday morning here to your Thursday evening there. We board the plane at 9:00 pm and get there around 11:00 pm in Guangzhou. Something like that. Mike and Wendy went to the countryside today while Holly, Evan, and Momma pack up. Amazing that it is time to almost be at the White Swan!! I keep telling Holly that the White Swan is so incredible!! So much more to do there that is near by. Oh, and let's not forget "LUCY'S". I can't wait to taste to American style cooking. Every meal Chinese is a bit much even for those who love it. LOL!

Wendy and Evan have had two good evenings now without him biting. YAY!!!!
Things will be looking up, but it will take time.

For my friends with Children this age from China..... How long before they can speak English sentences? Our communication is really lacking. I have a few phrases from our friend Kelsey M., but there are still those moments when a string of words keep flowing out.....) Veronica said he is happy from asking him. He loves his family; so this is great news.

Tomorrow morning after not getting much sleep we have to be at the clinic for Evan's TB test. YIKES! This won't be fun for him. At least we found out that he won't have to get 7 shots tomorrow, and that is WONDERFUL NEWS!! Let's just take care of things at home thank you very much.

One family flies tonight from another province same agency group and we meet up at the White Swan.


Holly's Birthday

This was a wonderful Cake!!! Wonderful Birthday. One of the guys in our group shares the same day with Holly.

Plus, photos of us after lunch with Evan and Wendy holding hands and sharing his stroller.