Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fun at the Dairy Farm

We went to a dairy that is 45 minutes away from home. This has been around 2 weeks ago, but just now located which camera the photos were on. I hope the Grandparents forgive us for being tardy.

We met up with the International Adoption Group here and had a BBQ Picnic Social and then a tour of the Dairy. You never really realize all that goes into taking care of a Dairy until you visit one.

Now, even though Wendy is very allergic to Kittens/Cats she still held a baby or two or three. They had the prettiest little kittens ever. Sure shoot'en Wendy started having her reaction as we were walking the Dairy grounds. Her little eye started swelling and itching. She felt miserable, but still managed to have a baby calf suckle her fingers.
We were the first to leave due to her allergies. I'm going to lay odds that it was the kitty's that did it, but hey we were around Hay, and Cattle not to mention the wind picked up and there were two major dust devils hit as we were walking back to the main building.

Wendy still had fun all the same. Once in the car and on the way home she started getting some relief just being away from the elements.

Those baby cows were the cutest things. Have you ever seen "City Slickers"? Well one of them looked just like "Norman". Helloooo. Love that movie.

Our Baby Birds have learned to FLY!!

I went to check on the nest today as I do everyday, every 10 minutes or so. I at first didn't see anyone in the nest. Then when I came back around the corner there was "John" the smaller of the two. Right directly after taking his photo he flew out!! I was so proud of the boy. Then I came back and there was "Jimmy" the larger of the babies. He loves to be talked to and will tilt his head as Holly and I talk real sweetly to him.
My babies are growing up.
The first photo is of John and the second one is of Jimmy. There is a movie with Cary Grant called "Room For One More" (which fits our family so, and may be our new blog name...ha) They end up getting a boy and his name is Jimmy John. So hence the names for the birds. It seems like our house "always has room for one more" be it baby, or animal.