Sunday, February 27, 2011

Has it been this long already?

Man we sure have been busy. Life just gets carried away with two busy children. Did I ever say how many activities they are both in???
Let me start with Wendy~ Monday she has school of course and then directly after picking her up I take Wendy, along with two of her little friends, to dance where she does Ballet, Tap, and Jazz for an hour and a half. Then home to do homework and eat. Then on Tuesday we use to have Daisy Girl Scout meetings; so now we just do homework, which is always a lot!!
Wednesday I pick Wendy up from school and then we come home and do homework so she can go to Prep for Point class at 5:30-6:20 (which she is soooo wanting her point shoes, but can't have until her little bones are ready) and then we pick up a salad for dinner.
Thursday is a relax and do homework unless it lands on Troop meeting night. Troop nights Wendy goes for an hour to be with the girls and work for badges on her tunic. We just finished Girl Scout Cookie Sales!!! We ended up buying the tail end of her boxes to finish selling....say 42 boxes at 3.50 a box!!! You do the math. Luckily Mike will take most of these off to work and then we have family that has requested a few boxes. Hopefully we won't be left with many. We really have done well not eating tons of them.
Fridays are pretty low key unless we remember it is Chinese Lessons which we haven't go to any this year yet due to being forgetful and just plain TIRED!
The weekend is for us to recoup or have some fun.

Evan~ Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday he goes off to Preschool, which he LOVES. He has came a long way in a year and 4 months! He has had a hard time with some of his alphabet, but hey what can you expect. He can now sing it all the way through though and that has been a accomplishment on its own. He is now practicing with scissors and not doing too bad at all. He recognizes his name in written form and has for the past 3 months. Now to get him to spell his name aloud. This has been hard since he keeps saying "E" is for Evan. Did I say he was about the most hard headed little boy I know of?!
Fridays at 1:30 to 2:20 he takes Ballet/Tap. This has helped immensely with his coordination. He truly loves dancing! He loves watching anything and everything to do with Dance also. His favorite movie is "Mama Mia"!! The latest was Billy Elliot since it was about a boy who dances ( I just wish they didn't have to have so many cuss words and smoking in it). He can't wait to do his Recital!!! He is the only little boy in his age group; so you can imagine how cute he is going to be. He helps all of the little girls with their Arabesque when they first come out on stage. He himself is the first on stage and he comes out on tip toes and then does his boy bow and then holds his hands and arms ready for the little girls. It is adorable.

Me~ well I've been talked into doing a Jazz class which I wasn't informed it was a jazz class until I handed them the money! LOL I can honestly say that I'm having the hardest time with my left and right when going fast. ha I come home energized and then the next day I'm soooo sore I can barely stand it.
I run the children to each and every thing that they are involved in. True since of the word "Moms Taxi Service".

Last weekend we went for a quick weekend trip to Red River NM. Holly wanted to ski and so did Mike. The kids did the childrens ski school while I sat and watched them. I took photos, but I bet they didn't turn out cause I was a distance away. I DON"T Ski!!!! I WON"T Ski!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 11:00 am we got the kids and put away the rentals and off to lunch we went. Holly was antsy to get back and to the tougher runs so we let her go on while we finished up and walked all the way back (quite a distance from the restaurant) Once we got back Mike took off and wanted to try again (mind you he had never skied before and the first two runs he did pretty good). Holly was about to put all the rentals up (I truly wish she had already!) when Mike came up and off they went one last time. Holly was telling Mike how to turn on his skis and as he started off he thought he was about to hit Holly and tripped over his skis and knocked his knee cap out of alignment. OH THE PAIN!!! They carried him down by stretcher and then into the car, front seat, how they did that I just don't know. Getting him out wasn't an easy task and neither was getting him up the stairs to our room. He went 28 hours before he actually got it re-situated. He and I spent 4 hours in the ER here and Holly went on to Texas Tech while our neighbor took care of the kiddos. They ended up knocking him out to relocate it. Can't wait to see that bill!!!!ARGH...

I think we have caught up pretty well considering.

Did I mention that Wendy was in "The Little Match Girl"? Well she was and she did so well that she wants to be in another play as soon as she can. I'll post photos of each event....except of Mike being carted down the slope. Hopefully this will all fit, if not I'll do a second post with photos.

Mike's 54th Birthday~

One Hundred Days of School Project
One Hundred Ballerinas~

Oh the things our Pets go through... Jasper playing Pretty Pretty Princess, Tallulah being dragged into the game~

Valentines Parties~

Aren't they sweet!

Evan and his Valentine!