Thursday, July 30, 2009

(((((((((Drum Roll Please))))))))))

It is with Great Joy that we announce that we have a......... SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is 2 1/2 years old! Our LOI was sent off just today, and now we wait for PA (Pre- Approval)!!

I will tell you it is very hard to believe that we have a son. A BOY!!!!!! We have a few names we are playing with, but no one in the family can agree on one and settle with it. Don't mention Miles.... It has been nixed by all of the family, but I can say I liked it. This is a first for us. We always have had names for either or back when our Bio daughters were being expected. Wendy was always going to be a girl and only took 6 months from LID, but since we have waited so long this round we have had the name Mylie Camille and nothing else. I will need to put a poll up on names. lol

As many of you know Mike never would consider a boy! He was all about the girls. This little one popped up on the list the day after my birthday and we had to wait the whole weekend until our agency open up on Monday. Mike said this is the first boy he would ever go with and really kept wanting me to show him his photos. He stole daddy's heart! I had an email in, but didn't actually get in touch until Tuesday. We said if he hadn't been snapped up by that time he was meant to be ours.

Wendy has had a hard time with this wait. She has wanted a sister so badly and then to spring a brother on her was something, but not turned down. She did want us to know that she was worried about being dethroned. We told her with a baby brother she would always be the baby girl and not to mention be able to still be a big sister. She is so excited about this now, and is ready to pack her bags!!

I can't add photos of him now or until we get word from China. So everyone will have to stay tuned for that to happen.

I will tell you a few things though.... He is absolutely adorable and is loved by all of his nannies there. We are prepared for a spoiled little one....ha As if Wendy isn't totally spoiled rotten!!!!!!!!!!! LOL He has the best smile and the sweetest little lips ever. I hear he gives sweet kisses, can't wait to get my first from him. We think that he looks like Wendy, and we all know how precious she is.

I can't wait to travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I still can't believe it! I still have to pinch myself.

Now we need to do something with all of the baby girl items that I can part with, and save the rest for Holly or Lacy in the future. I have nothing really for a boy! Got to have fun looking and shopping, and registering.

Anyway, we wanted to share our news with everyone.

Very excited Momma here,

Drum Roll>>>>>>>