Monday, July 19, 2010

Evan's first time to stay somewhere without us.

The kids were invited to a Rockstar Birthday Party over the weekend. We had fun dressing them up. They won't probably ever wear this again, but it was really cute for what they were attending.
Evan did wonderful! It was the first time I was able to leave him at a Party or really anywhere on his own with out one of us adults. Wendy was with him and that helped. Baby steps....
Next fall he will start Preschool and have to go to class on his own. I am also having him go to dance one day a week and he will be going by himself for this as well. Ms. Bluejeans and I think he is about ready. He is being weaned this summer some with dance class. I take one class with him and he is finally doing some of the stuff by himself. Then he goes on Friday and I am not there, but Holly is helping with that class. Again Baby steps. He is really doing well since we have had him 9 months this coming Sunday.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Toas Biking Adventure

So sorry I've been so long on posting an update. I can't believe it has been this long since I've posted on my blog.

Last weekend we traveled to Taos New Mexico for a quick weekend of fun. Holly got us into biking, and believe me I haven't ridden in around 15 years!! I'm not exaggerating:) lol
Holly bought a Mountain Bike and had this under her skin to go on her own to Taos, but then she got an idea for us all to go with her. Mike got a new bike from Walmart...nothing expensive at all. I used my cruiser that I have had for oh...15 years. lol Then we got Wendy a trailing bike to go back of Mikes, and I was to carry Evan in a kid seat between me and my handlebars. It was rough on me trying to just ride on my own at first let alone putting an extra person in front of me on my bike. I started off like Wendy learning without training wheels. I didn't think I would ever get myself use to my bike again.
After training myself for two days we were off for Taos. Oh my gosh....what was I in for!? Luckily we found a simple trail....well sort of. Lots of huge rocks in various places on the trail. Remember I didn't have a Mountain Bike! Cruiser with no speeds!!! I think all considering I did very well. We ended up riding along the Rio Grand Gorge for 8 miles. Once back we cooled off some and had our picnic. As much as I dreaded it I had tons of fun.

Here are several shots of our trip.