Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No more double house payments.....

Well today we got word that our OLD house has been bought by the Relocation Group. It has been hard to sell in this economy. Every time our Realtor got an offer it was way too low to even fathom the idea. Our buy out was better than we could have ever gotten by selling it to an individual.
So, today we are minus two mortgage's, two electric bills, two this and that with the whole move thing!! YEA!!!!!
Oh, and no more trips back to mow, clean the pool, and to collect left behind items.
From now on when we go back that way it will be to visit Lacy, grandparents and old friends. That won't be often though.

Two last photos of the OLD HOUSE. Goodbye Aledo!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Poor Wendy has caught a virus of some kind! Yesterday she was running a fever and her eye began to itch and swell. This has become a usual sign of a virus coming on or at least an allergic reaction to something. Well this is a Virus since she is running a goodly fever. She NEVER takes a nap anymore, and this makes two days in a row that she has fallen asleep in my chair.

I really need to find a Pediatrician now that we are moved and settled in.

I don't think Wendy has been well for very long periods at a time for some time now. I am hoping it is just that we aren't use to things here.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cute aren't they??

Well, unpacking was put on hold for a bit to capture these photos....

I found Ethel Mae Potter and Miss Tallulah "Dahling" on the window ledge sunning themselves and checking out the lovely birds. I sneaked the camera out and turned it on as quite as I could and got some pretty awesome photos of them. You see Ethel doesn't like to have her photo taken. She will come toward you or turn as you snap.

Take note of how they are sitting. I've never seen dogs sit like this before!
I thought while I was at it I would take one of my handsome Luther "Hague"; named after a Don Knotts Character.

I hope Lacy is checking in because she misses Miss Potter LOTS!! Lacy this is for you.


Icky Wallpaper!

Look what I found lurking behind the already dark and dungeon like wallpaper that the last owner had put up. There were two owners of this house before us. The one who we bought the house from had much better taste in the long run, but BLACK!!! She even put a black painted shelf up and then a black ceiling fan with dark globes. We kind of figure that she was going through some kind of depression.

I woke up this morning ready to pull more down and found that the first owner had only put one panel of wallpaper up and that was the one with the daisies. The second owner went with the black over it but took it one step further, because what I found behind the next wall panel was just textured wall!! Why not just cover the wall that had the paper and be done with it and paint the rest!!?? Our commode area has the same black wall paper, but she took it even further there and added it to the ceiling!! What goes on??

Just with me pulling down one panel has made the room less gloomy and I can see what it will look like with lighter walls. Now to replace the ceiling fan and paint the shelve after pulling all wallpaper down. We'll see what we will do.

Wallpaper is nice, but in moderation. If I put any up at all it will be to just cover the daisy panel, but I think I want to get some bids on getting it textured the way she has it in the rest of the house. You know the old world style.

Any ideas out there???


Sunday, April 06, 2008

The "Failed" Fell of the Tree!!

Okay, Mike was at it once again. He is our handy man and loves working in the yard, but this is a little ridiculous!!

He had already accomplished felling one of the trees in our new back yard. They are really undesirable willows...not the pretty kind. He started on the second one today and I caught him way up on the top of the ladder and then climbing like a young chimp to the top of the second willow. Gee!! I just knew he would fall. He did, and hit his arm "elbow" on a piece of metal that was left by the last owner. Thank God an Angel was with him.

Then I was inside looking for lunch when he said "Hey Lesa, you want to come out and play Lumber Jack?? Not really, I said!

I was to pull hard on this rope! Okay.... I pulled hard and was to direct the trunk of the tree toward me. If it started then I was to run away fast. FUNNY!!! Yeah, not really. The darn nylon rope decided to come off as it was being pulled! Right at the wrong minute too. Instead of the trunk coming toward me it went toward the house which we were trying to avoid. CRASH!!!! Right into the family room window. Well, now we have to get someone out pronto to fix the window. I'm grateful that the darn thing didn't land on Mike or the electrical.

Now to get someone to take the stumps out of the ground.

Take a look at the photos!