Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No more double house payments.....

Well today we got word that our OLD house has been bought by the Relocation Group. It has been hard to sell in this economy. Every time our Realtor got an offer it was way too low to even fathom the idea. Our buy out was better than we could have ever gotten by selling it to an individual.
So, today we are minus two mortgage's, two electric bills, two this and that with the whole move thing!! YEA!!!!!
Oh, and no more trips back to mow, clean the pool, and to collect left behind items.
From now on when we go back that way it will be to visit Lacy, grandparents and old friends. That won't be often though.

Two last photos of the OLD HOUSE. Goodbye Aledo!



Gina said...

Congratulations! What a BEAUTIFUL pool you left behind!


Lesa said...

Thanks Gina. We designed that thing with the waterfall and deep diving end, but what a pain to have to CLEAN!!
No pool at this house.