Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Poor Wendy has caught a virus of some kind! Yesterday she was running a fever and her eye began to itch and swell. This has become a usual sign of a virus coming on or at least an allergic reaction to something. Well this is a Virus since she is running a goodly fever. She NEVER takes a nap anymore, and this makes two days in a row that she has fallen asleep in my chair.

I really need to find a Pediatrician now that we are moved and settled in.

I don't think Wendy has been well for very long periods at a time for some time now. I am hoping it is just that we aren't use to things here.



Leigh said...

Poor thing! That's always a sign that they don't feel well when they nap for no reason! Katey still naps (lucky me!) but when she falls asleep during non-napping hours, I know there's trouble brewing. Hope she feels better soon!!!

septemberfirst said...

The bedding is all from Pottery Barn. We got it a year or two ago for Jade- before she and Trace started sharing a room. Fortunatly, its "mature" enough for a 12 year old to use until she decides what she wants :). I believe the line is called "Birdie". I would check out ebay and see what you can see.

septemberfirst said...

**correction- the bedding is of the pottery barn "sweet birdie" line. mother got it on clearance last summer, and ended up getting the valance off ebay.