Sunday, October 19, 2008

Big Bed For the Little Lady!

Some before and after shots....

The first photo is of us un-crating the large boxes of furniture.
The second one is of Mike taking down Wendy's toddler bed. (sorta sad to see it go)
The third and fourth are of Miss Wendy so proud to be on her new bed.
The fifth is of her dresser and to it's left is her new book didn't get in the picture to well.

We have saved up and have bought a little at a time now.... Her bedding was bought first off of E-bay for cheaper than what I could have gotten it through Pottery Barn, but the furniture was from the Pottery Barn site and was caught on sale! Wendy wanted something pink and we chose to get a day bed with a trundle so it wouldn't take up all of her floor space. We are still working on putting things into place so who knows if it will all remain in the same place...well, the bed will stay where it is for sure.

I'm just thrilled because she is wanting to finally sleep in her room. We'll see how this all plays out. At least there is enough space for me if needed. ha