Sunday, April 06, 2008

The "Failed" Fell of the Tree!!

Okay, Mike was at it once again. He is our handy man and loves working in the yard, but this is a little ridiculous!!

He had already accomplished felling one of the trees in our new back yard. They are really undesirable willows...not the pretty kind. He started on the second one today and I caught him way up on the top of the ladder and then climbing like a young chimp to the top of the second willow. Gee!! I just knew he would fall. He did, and hit his arm "elbow" on a piece of metal that was left by the last owner. Thank God an Angel was with him.

Then I was inside looking for lunch when he said "Hey Lesa, you want to come out and play Lumber Jack?? Not really, I said!

I was to pull hard on this rope! Okay.... I pulled hard and was to direct the trunk of the tree toward me. If it started then I was to run away fast. FUNNY!!! Yeah, not really. The darn nylon rope decided to come off as it was being pulled! Right at the wrong minute too. Instead of the trunk coming toward me it went toward the house which we were trying to avoid. CRASH!!!! Right into the family room window. Well, now we have to get someone out pronto to fix the window. I'm grateful that the darn thing didn't land on Mike or the electrical.

Now to get someone to take the stumps out of the ground.

Take a look at the photos!


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