Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I've lost someone I hold dear to my heart

Today I had to have something done that we have known would someday have to come about. Our dear sweet friend and dog pal, Clark Gable passed over the "Rainbow Bridge". He had lived with Diabetes for 3 years!, and turned 12 years old this past May. We woke as we usually do ready to let everyone out to go potty and then to do our routine insulin shot and morning feeding. Everyone was ready to go out...Luther, Tallulah, and Ethel Mae, but wait Clark was at the back of his bed and wouldn't come out. He had looked like he had suffered a stroke. He wouldn't eat, or drink.
Luckily Mike hadn't gone to work yet, and told me to get a cookie with icing on it. He had thought it was his sugar count. Clark wouldn't eat. I knew it was time. You just know... I called and made all of the arrangements with the vet and other for 1:30 pm but he wasn't going to last that long.
He began to have a seizure and unfortunately Wendy happened to be there when he did. I told her he wasn't feeling well and would be going to heaven. A friend came to get her so she wouldn't have to be there for everything. Plus I'm sure she is having a wonderful play day instead. You see they too have a daughter adopted from China that is Wendy's age.
I got Clark into the car and ran in to lock things up including the other puppies. When I got back he wasn't in the seat he had some how moved to my floorboard and was crying. I put him in my lap with a towel and was ready to go. I got down not even a block and he had an accident in my car. Poor buddy. I wheeled around and knocked on my neighbors door and asked if she would go with me. She grabbed her shoes and I handed her Clark...off we went with me driving, but that didn't last long. Pam and I traded places she drove and I held Clark. I have never met such wonderful neighbors believe me!!! I now know who my vet will be!! They were SO caring and stayed with me the whole time. I had four in the exam room with us one holding Clark with me, one holding me, and another consoling me with the vet being there explaining everything she was going to do. They gave me so much good time with him, and made things so much more comfortable. With the name of "Noah's Ark Veterinarian" I should have known they would have been very caring. They had never met me before, and were still oh so kind. Come to find out the receptionist son and my husband work together. Small World!

Clark, buddy, I love you and will never EVER forget the times we all had as a family. You'll be in my heart always....



Lynn & Tom said...

So so sorry for your loss. Glad Clark is not hurting anymore...

Lesa said...

Thank you Lynn.

Debz said...

Ok that was really hard to read. I'm so sorry you lost your furbaby.
I am still holding on to hope that I won't have to go threw that just yet, but it will help me prepare just incase. I'll know more after they run a few more tests.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog.
I didn't even know you had a blog...nice to see that sweet little smiling Wendy's face. I'll be back for more of that ray of sunshine!
God bless